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Washington DC Prezi

This is a description of the monuments and museums we visited in Washington DC.

Brookie Boyd

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Washington DC Prezi

In the Arlington Cemetary there are soldiers that guard the tombs and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They march back and forth for hours at a time, using precise moves. They rarely blunder and they are completely in uniform. The new guard then, at the Changing of the Guard, joins the current guard as the do the traditional presentation of arms and march into place. The present guard then leaves the now current guard at his post in front of the cemetary for his next term. Changing of the Guard Arlington Cemetary At the Arlington Cemetary people of great importance are buried along with soldiers from all the wars in U.S. History. M ypictures show someone with the last name Brooke (which is my first name) that I thought was interesting. My pictures also include overviews from the J F K memorial and his grave sight. Also there is a tomb of the Unknown Soldier that represents the soldiers that were missing in action (M.I.A.) It honors and respects those lost soldiers in U.S. wars. All of these well crafted tombstones were an awesome sight but one in particular caught everyone's eye. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was a tomb for all of the soldiers lost in war that weren't found or identified during the war. The Capitol Building The Capitol Building was filled with plenty of educational objects about politics, agriculture, artists, sculptures and architecture.We progressed through the museum past the Original Statue of Liberty, the statues of each state, and the main dome in the center. It was very interesting to learn how the rooms were made and how they were created to hear everyone else's conversations. The arches and artwork/paintings are well crafted and the design is intricately applied. The artists' own views, thoughts and feelings were inserted into the artwork to give you the sense of they were thinking in that time period. The main attraction is the main dome and the Freedom statue. You cannot ee the Freedom statue from the inside, you must then travel outside to view it from the sidewalk. The main dome was very beautiful and well presented by our tour guide. she talked about how it was made and how long it took to build the ceiling and the paintings. The Lincoln Memorial has a gaint statue of Abraham Lincoln, a copy of the Gettysburgs Address and Lincoln's Second Inaugaration in it. It is a gaint rectangular building (also on the back of a penny) that is across the lake from the Washington Monument. The Veitnam War Wall is also close by. When I enter the Lincoln Memorial, Walt Whitman comes to mind and how President Lincoln was idolized by Walt Whitman. I understand why Whitman was so intrigued by Lincoln and everything Lincoln did to influence America. To me, Lincoln is a significant figure to represent America's integrity, perserverance, and care for the America and the world's causes. I quite enjoyed visiting this monument because it was beautiful and very significant to me. The Lincoln Memorial The Franklin Roosevelt Memorial The Jefferson Memorial The Jefferson Memorial is a giant sculpture/model of President Thomas Jefferson. He towers of the crowd of tourists, probably around 30 feet tall. On and around the wall there is an inscription about American Rights. It is a very intricate design on the sculpture and it has to have taken a long time to complete. I love how the monument is a circle, as most of the other monuments we visited were rectangular or some other shaoe. I didn't get to personally read the inscriptions on the wall but im sure it was a very inspiring speech. I enjoyed the Jefferson Memorial because of the variety of people coming to visit this statue and seeing how they dress, talk and act. Seeing the different cultures and all of the religious practices . It was fantastic to see that people came from everywhere to see this statue. For that to be the events taking place, it must be something very important to Americans from everywhere. Although it didn't take such an ikmpact on me, others might view this statue as an inspiration and something to inspire them. The Korean Wall was given to the U.S. as a gift of honor. It has an illusion carved into the sides showing men/soldiers in the Veitnam War. It shows the anxiety on the faces of the soldiers as the enter and cross the battle feild. We visited it in the dark, making it very hard to see but none the less it was very touching and important. Iwo Jima As you pass the Iwo Jima statue/ monument, the illusion is created that makes it seem as though the soldiers are, at that time, lifting the flag. As you border the circumference of the monument, you can watch the soldiers extend their arms to raise the flag. It symbolizes the war in the tiny island in the Pacific Ocean named Iwo Jima. This memorial is significant because it shows the victory at the Battle of Iwo Jima and how we benefit( the U.S.) from it. I enjoyed this monument because it is an international symbol for America's strong-willed nation. I also enjoyed the symbolism in the monument and how everything had its own sybolic meaning to every individual person.
The Newseum In the Newseum you get to view hundreds of newspaper headlines that have been published in the U.S. about the recent events of that time period. It shows many fascinating publications like the Magna Carta, originally handwritten. It also displays other historical objects such as the Ammendments. You can also ride the glass elevators up to the roof top to have a wonderful view of the Capital Building! I enjoyed this museum because it had very intellectual exhibits and showed a lot of diffferent important dates, times, documents, and events that took place in history. Although history is not one of my easy-come-easy-go classes I enjoyed getting to see all of these exhibits. The World War II Fountain
This fountain was built in honor of the soldiers that were fighting for our country in World War II. It has many inscriptions around it and on every pillar is a different state in the United States. As you enter the fountain there is an arch with the symbol of freedom and a wreath with an eagle around it. I enjoyed this monument the most because of its beautiful architecture. As we entered the monument I noticed, first, how the moon was directly over the monument and then i notiv=ced the big, beautiful, flowing fountain that was in the middle of this amazing monument that represents all of the courageous people that fought in World War II. It meant a lot to me, seeing as most people in my family fought in the war's we are still fighting today. Two of which were in the World War II. It is significant to me because thes emen and women risked their lives and safety for my life and safety and that courage alone is what amazes me. I enjoyed this monument a lot and think it is very important to American's everywhere. The Swithsonian The Swithsonian was an interesting museum filled with sculptures, models and pictures. It included models of fish skeletons, all the way down to cavemen! It is a very interesting museum to go to because of how intriguing it is. It is a very fun museum as well as educational. It is an all around GREAT museum to visit while in Washington D.C. You can visit all of these exhibits and visualize how great it would be to be in the Night At The Museum movies. It was one of my favorite museums and Ioved how relaxing it was to not have to right stuff about history or make sure you don't miss anything important but instead you can write about the more interesting things. You can visit the exhibits the you enjoy and that you aspire to see. You can visit exhibits that you may wantto improve one day or see world records that you might want to beat one day. It was a phenominal experience and I hope tp visit it again soon! The White House Although we didn't get to visit it long, the White House was amazing! The building's design and architecture is so well thought out, built and beautiful, making it a beautiful historic place to visit. It is a very important building in Washington D.C. because it is where the President stays and where the government is gathered together to discuss many different topics about the health, welfare, and safety of America. To think, "I, Brooke Boyd, am standing in the EXACT spot as J.F .Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, and many others. That I am witnessing the same scenery that they once saw and admired. Where they had their most inspired and important views and thoughts on America. Where they made history and created new prospects for America."

a The Franklin Roosevelt Memorial is a series of water fountains placed near each other to respect Franklin Roosevelt as our president. We went there at night, which added to the beauty of the sparkling fountains.The fountains/ waterfalls were gaint, glimmering, rock sculptures that have been designed to flow the water over and around it. I enjoyed it because I would love to paint canvases of this scenery and it is beautiful and incredible to think of how perservering you have to be to create this sculpture. I hope
i can re-visit this sculpture sometime in the future so that
I can have another point of view of the fountain in the sunlight and maybe even paint it too! The Vietnam War Wall Washington D.C.!
by Brooke Boyd
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