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Alex Tedesco birthday

No description

KF Student

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Alex Tedesco birthday

Alex Tedesco Alexander June 10 Sharing birthdays with celebrity's?! Famous First Defending men Judy Garland 1st female astronaut to command a space shuttle mission Tedesco One who came from, or lived near Austria or Germany. Italian translation-German A TRUE STORY BASED ON 1935-Alchoholics Anonymous was formed

James Earl Ray, the convicted assassin of civil rights leader Martin Luther King jr. escaped prison
Ben Franklin tested a key on a kite during a thunderstorm. Doug McKeon Kim Deal Played Dorothy in th original Wizard of Oz Described as the greatest entertainer that ever lived She was a gay icon Winnipeg Rugby club forms Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion dies in a car crash Jim hearn, an American baseball player dies Believeby cher Star trek: Voyager American Beauty President-Bill Clinton Other Facts Gas was only $1.22/gallon Pokemon was just starting Hoooray! We're done!!
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