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Special-Interest Tourism

No description

Megan Devens

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Special-Interest Tourism

By: Donald Getz
By: Noy
By Li and Hudson
Conservative estimates warn that by 2017, outbound tourism could account for $372 billion in lost spending for the US.
Event Tourism
This Trip Really Changed Me
Domestic Medical Tourism
This study looks at Israeli-youth backpacker travel narratives.


40 in-depth interviews were conducted in Israel in 1998 within 5 months of their return.

The age range was 22-25, upper-middle class, and 1:1 ratio of men to women.
Domestic medical tourism has been a neglected area of research, with most studies focusing on international medical tourism

Medical tourism can be caused by many factors (SRI International, 2010)
-Aging world population
-Failing conventional medical system
-Increased globalization
Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Film Tourism
Film Tourism by Joanne Connell
This Trip Really Changed Me
Brian's Personal Change
-Tourism activity induces by the viewing of moving image and is accepted as encompassing film, television, prerecorded products, and now extends to digital media.

-This study was a literature review of existing literature on the topic of film tourists

-Demand vs. Supply of the film tourism industry

-Types of film tourists (Macionis, 2004)
-Serendipitous, general and specific

-Impacts of film tourism

- Overall, this study over viewed a number of cross-disciplinary perspectives which may help to promote more film tourism research which will bring a greater understanding to the business-related agenda of film tourism research.
"You're different as far as life experience goes. That is, when I left the country I was quite ignorant. I left ignorant in that I didn't know many cultures; I didn't cross paths with many cultures. I may have read about them, or seen them on TV, but didn't actually meet them... You see, when you leave the country you don't know that much, and when you return you suddenly know everything..."

Most respondents discussed a high level of personal change in their narratives.
Special-Interest Tourism
Events are an important motivator of tourism, and are in the development and marketing plans for most destinations.
Typology of Planned Events
Tourism management combined with event management overlaps to creates event tourism
Film Tourism Video
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