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Medieval Theatre

No description

kristin mccormick

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Medieval Theatre

Medieval Theatre
Liturgical Drama
Extremely Focused on religion
presented in churches and cathedrals
Staging of Bible stories
Performed and written in Latin
Vernacular Drama
Mystery or Cycle plays:
Dramatized a SERIES of biblical events
Short drama presented as part of a sequence or cycle
Feast of Corpus Christi--favorite occasion
Emphasized the spectacle and comedy was introduced
Producing cycle plays:
Performers: Amateurs, Women (in France), typecasting
Costumes: Actors provided their own
Stages--Processional and Stationary
---Processional: Stages would be on the backs of wagons and GO TO the audiences
---Stationary: Stages would be in one place (town center) and the audience would GO TO the stage
Morality Plays
Attempts to teach a lesson
Characters go on a journey
Allegory Characters--characteristics become their names (ex: Greed, honesty, charity)
Ordinary men and women---rather than people from the Bible
Deeply rooted in Christian thought
Struggle of Good vs. Evil
Most popular morality play; the character of "Everyman", who represents humanity, is suddenly told by "Death" that his life is over. He is afraid to go alone and seeks out a companion to accompany him. Some people he seeks out are "Worldly goods", "Kin", "Beauty", and others---no one but "Good Deeds" can be of any assistance when it comes to death and the afterlife.
Your Project
You are going to create a Morality Movie Trailer!
You will get into groups of 3-4 people
You will Choose a moral from the list
You will create a movie trailer on "imovie" that introduces a movie that is centered around your moral
You will create a
allegory names
for your characters
There is no TALKING in your video so make sure you are creative with the written words—
Moral must be SOMEWHERE
You will shoot the movie and edit the movie in class
Present these the 1st part of the period---FRIDAY!!!!
Today---you should focus on choosing a moral, choosing an "imovie" trailer type, and writing your ideas
Pageant Wagon
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