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A visual of the role of assesment in my teaching.

Jasmine Fort

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Assessment

Assessment The role of assessment in teaching? connections comprehension Rubrics Interacting with a child as you assess them The most useful information is assessment
information gathered daily
in the classroom. Tech children to become thinkiers. Reading and writing and
thinking about text are important. higher level thinking
students have to caefully read in all subjects. Good readers need to read with understanding. the purpose of assessment is to get information to make students better readers. helps students learn in their own way help students know what they should look
like at the end of the year in the subjects know where the students are at NOW Assessment drives instruction. relationship between instruction and assesment. instruction and assessment
are interelated. ANECDOTAL RECORDS OBSERVING 5 CHILDREN Can't expect to have good information bout evey child Can't keep everything in your head.
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