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Atmosphere Adventure

Tour Guides Digory and Katie

katie glen

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Atmosphere Adventure

Atmosphere Adventure
Tour Guides :
Digory and Katie Have you ever wanted to experience the atmosphere in layers? Here is your chance. You'll be amazed at the six different layers we will be traveling to. The best part about this experince is that you will be traveling on the most high tech Atmosphere Explorer ever invented. Oh and its free so the first 20 applicants are allowed to go over the age of twelve of course! We will be controlling the temperature inside the spacecraft because the tempatures in the atmosphere layers ranges from -90 degrees farenheit to 1800 degrees farenheit! So please wear comfertable clothing while on this trip. we'll start our tour in the troposphere we live in this layer and most of the weather occurs here.It's primarily composed of Nitroge, Oxygen and traces of other gases. the temperature decreases the higher our altitude is. It goes up to 12 kilometers from ground level.
After we travel to the Troposphere we will be going to the Stratosphere. This is the second major layer of our atmosphere. The air here attains temperatures close to freezing. This is caused by absorbtion of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The Stratosphere lacks oxygen and is completely free of clouds and weather. Don't worry we do provide an air supply! The first layer we will be going to is the Troposphere. This is the layer we live in and all our weather occurs here. The atmosphere contains Nitrogen, Oxygen and other gases. The temperature decreases when the altitude increases making the atmosphere cooler. Atmosphere Explorer! No money it's free! The once we have reached and passed the Stratosphere
we will be the Mesosphere. Weather balloons and jets
aren't able to reach the Mesosphere so we don't really
know much about it. We do know that meteors burn up
in this layer and that sometimes clouds called noctilucent
clouds form over the north and south poles. They are
normally so much higher up than any other type of cloud
and are regularly seen from space.
From 83 kilometers to about 200 kilometers to the layer called
the Thermosphere. The Thermosphere is greatly affected by the
solar heat waves from the sun. During the day this layer can
get up to 360 degrees hotter than during the night! This layer
technically considered outer space becasue the air density is
so low. The space shuttles and the International Space Station
orbit around the earth in the Thermosphere. At this piont we
only have more layers to go! International Space Station! Space shuttle We are currently in the Ionsphere. The Ionsphere is technically not an atmospheric layer but its just an extension of the Thermosphere. The Ionphere also contains very little Ion particals that reflect radio waves back to earth. The Ionsphere represents less than .1% of the total mass of the earths atmosphere. Temperatures in the Ionsphere get hotter and hotter as you go up. Our last stop on the atmosphere journey is the Exosphere. The Exosphere is the final layer of our atmosphere. This layer is about 10000 kilometers from the earths surface. The atmosphere here merges into space with very thin air, this is the area where satellites orbit earth. Here Hydrogen and Helium are the main components. These can't reach that high
of altitude! Now you have some idea of what the six different layers in the atmosphere are! Please take this tour to enjoy the real experiance! It's a once in a life time deal, don't let it pass you by! The stratosphere is the second major layer in the atmosphere. The warmer layers are higher up and the cooler layers are farther down. The air tempatures here are close to freezing. The reasons for these cold temperatures are because of the absorption of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This layer is completely free of clouds and types of weather. The end of our tour.
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