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sydney wright

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Ecuador

An awesome South America vacation spot! Ecuador Traveling to Ecuador would consist of traveling though different cites, a flight from June 1st to June 14th, on an American Airlines fight, at a total cost of $3134.80 for departing and returning. Your rental car in Ecuador would cost $349.44. It is shown below. REMEMBER PEOPLE IN ECUADOR DRIVE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD! Hilton Colon Quito Hotel is where you will be staying at. Well, even at the price of $159.oo a night the place is too cool to reject. As shown above. Things to do! Cost Ecuador would be an amazing place to go on vacation to and with a climate of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius. Who wouldn't want to go there? * Go to the Amazon rainforest
* Go to a church like the Basilica
* Go to Old Town
* Go to the Central Bank museum
* Go to the MaQuipucuna Cloud Forest Reserve
- world class coffee here
* Go to a water fall called San Rafael
* Take tours Dinners # Magic Bean
_ Serves breakfast and lunch
# Adam's Ribs
_ includes a pool table, a bar, and T.V. History of Ecuador There official language is Spanish though they speak others too.
There gov. is republic.
There flag ( shown below ) is the colors of blue, red, and yellow strips with a figure in the center. In total your trip cost $5710.24 but its well worth it. In case you didn't no 1 U.S. dollar is equal to .77 in Ecuador where they use euros for currency. I hope I taught you a lot about the wonders of Ecuador. From lunches on volcanoes to euros being their currency. I can't wait for you to see all the stuff I mentioned and much more. Anyways have an awesome vacation!
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