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The Great Depression

No description

Sarah Ismail

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of The Great Depression

-The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (F.D.I.C.)
Ensures the bank failure would no longer be able to destroy people's personal savings.

-Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.)
In charge of monitoring Wall Street. It ensures that stockbrokers are fair in the deals they make.

-Public Work Administration (P.W.A.)
Oversees large, government-funded construction projects.

-Work Progress Administration (W.P.A.)
Provided jobs to the unemployed to build structures.
Stock Crash
On October 29, 1929, the stock market suddenly plummeted. After all the damage was done, a total of $319,000,000 was lost. It took the stock market 25 years to recover. Black Tuesday marked the beginning of The Great Depression.

On July 2, 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt presented the idea of the New Deal at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. The deal presented;

- Establish new programs to help people directly
- Provide unemployed people with jobs
- Social Security Act to help poor, elderly, disabled
- PWA (Public Works Administration) was created to
see large, government-funded construction projects.
World War II
Dust Bowl
During the 1930's, people in the Great Plains went through a second dose of trouble. A drought struck the area, and weather conditions were very dry and dusty. Farms became deserts, and swirling clouds of dust turned noon to midnight. The Dust Bowl expanded from Texas to North Dakota.
The Great Depression
Sarah Ismail
David D'Onofrio
1929- Stock Market crashes, marks beginning of The Great Depression
1931-Drought hits New Plains
1932-F.D.R. elected president
1933-Unemployment reaches 25%
1934-The Securities and Exchange Commission is established
1935-Social Security Act becomes law
1936-Dorothea Lange photographs migrant workers in California
Black Tuesday
1940-First monthly Social Security Act is issued
1941- U.S enters World War II; employment rate drops below 10%
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Timeline of the Great Depression
Second New Deal
Organizations of the New Deal
The Second New Deal was an expansion and continuation of the First New Deal. Programs such as the Federal Housing Authority added to the Deal to satisfy the complaints of the public. This mortgage insurance program was designed to help secure home loans for low-income families. Frankin D. Roosevelt was reelected president and aimed half of the Second New Deal at long-term reforms.
Bibliography for Information

The New Deal
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