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Comm 350 take two

No description

Lauren Quinn

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Comm 350 take two

ClemsonLIFE Description Needs Problems Discussion of Alternatives Piedmont Belle's Solution Process to Solutions History
Volunteers Stronger volunteer network
More effective communication network Volunteer Reliablility
Not bound to organization
No filtering
Cluttered communication
No extrinsic reward
No specified communication network Functional Theory
Systems Theory
Social Exchange Theory
Structuration Theory Recruitment
Email Review of literature (Symbolic Convergence Theory)
Talking to the director
Principles learned in class "the main need is coordination and communication...Sometimes Messages Don't Pass Back and Forth Well" "THe students have a class at tri-county. They Need Transportation there and a class coach to help. If there are extra homeworks that the students do not understand, that message may or may not make it to the Tutors and the Classroom Instructors. Sometimes the instructors email the students and that message may not make it to all parties involved." "I welcome the help making this program more efficient - and communication is a big part of that. But how to do that??"
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