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Poli 1223 Political Socialization (with personal examples)

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Tony Litherland

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Poli 1223 Political Socialization (with personal examples)

The Tree Stump of
Political Socialization

Welcome to the Political Socialization Tree stump. Much like how each ring on a tree stump represents a year of life, each ring on our stump of political socialization represents a new experience that has impacted our individual political beliefs. Now let's look at what "political socialization" actually means.....
Political Socialization
Political Socialization refers to the process by which individuals develop their own personal political views and beliefs.
See? Political Socialization starts at a young age and stems from a variety of sources. Let's take a look.....
Individuals acquire their political views from their environment around them. The
five agents
of political socialization are Family, Peers, School, Mass Media, and your associations.
The Agents
An agent is the means by which or source from which people learn their political views.
like Santa, the agents leave individuals political ideological presents without the individual ever realizing.
Tony Litherland
My political socialization has developed through a multitude of different subcategories of the five original agents. Here are some pictures that represent me.....
My Political Socialization
This category usually includes parents, or anyone in the home that has an impact on the daily lives of all the other individuals in the home.
is the most common agent from which people receive their political socialization.
Peers includes all friends, coworkers, sport team members, school peers etc. Because most people spend countless hours with their friends, this agent is substantial in influence.
Children receive political socialization at school through the learning process. What we learn in school about history and government helps us develop our own political views.
Mass Media
This agent includes television, social networking, the internet, radio and newspapers/magazines. Most individuals learn current political events and certain opinions on such happenings, through mass media.
I have lived in Illinois, N.H., Spain, and Oklahoma
I have worshiped God as a Free Methodist, Catholic, Four Square, and as a Baptist since 1983.
I grew up listening to missionaries explain their life serving God overseas. I wanted to travel, live overseas and marry someone international. God allowed me marry the most amazing woman in the world, Mrs. Doctor Litherland.
I like to travel. I have visited 37 countries. Recently I have taken OBU students to visit: Greece, Italy and who knows where next time.
My Friends...
Our family has hosted 88 international students over the last 30 years.
I have spent a lot of time in Washington, DC. I have been to the US Capital, Washington Monument, Supreme Court, and many other national landmarks. I spent 1 year as a legislative intern in the US Senate Office of Senator Bob Graham of Florida. I was there to use one of the first email systems.
As a small child, my family was not political. I first became aware of politics through JFK's assassination, then watching the new President Johnson take over. I was keenly aware of the investigation into the assassination.

Then I became fully aware of the controversy over the Vietnam War and the Watergate coverup.

I became very much aware of racism and that I did not want to be like any of the racist people on television. I teased my mother that I wanted to grow up and marry an African girl.

I fell in love with books and read countless books as a teenager and young adult. I learned that the Romans, Greeks and Founding Fathers believed in virtues. Guess what, so do I.
My First Political Memory
When I was a child, my family used to watch NY Yankee baseball games, Old Yeller, Daniel Boone, and King Kong. We did not have a television in the home until JFK was assassinated. The first thing I saw was Lee Harvey Oswald killed live on Television. My family loved the I LOVE LUCY show. I grew up to marry my Latina just like Lucy married her Latino.

Notice I am a composite of many of the television shows that others allowed me to watch. What if you allow your child to watch video games???
The American Legion is the most important organization that I am active in. We conduct parades, memorial services, banquets, flag retirement ceremonies and help veterans with their problems, especially financial and health care.
Dysfunctional families
What happens to your socialization if it is dysfunctional?
What happens if you give in to peer pressure?
Are you a member of any of the following groups?
CHURCH: 16 Mission trips
My mother married poorly twice and then found a wonderful man named Wayne. My Grandfather was a retired minister and helped stabilize my life. He would drive miles to pick us up and take us to church.
What will you do?
How will you raise your children?

Will you pass on negative or positive political efficacy?
Each Generation will react to events
1871 to 1889: New Worlders
1890 to 1908: Hard Timers
1909 to 1928: Good Warriors (G.I. or the GREATEST GENERATION)
1929 to 1945: Lucky Few (Silent)
1946 to 1964: Baby Boomers
1965 to 1982: Gen X
1983 to 2001: New Boomers or Millennials
2001 to Present: Gen Z (New Silent)
Long Review of Socialization
Biblical inputs
-- to Know God intimately
-- to Love God 100%, to love others, and your enemies
-- to Serve God, to serve the Church, to serve those less fortunate
-- to rejoice, be full of Joy and worship God; John 15
Personal development
Character makes you trustworthy
-- Vision, direction, leadership, self-management
-- Unity, justice, effective interdependence with other citizens
-- dominion over self, self-government, control yourself, mastery of self, know the limits
Age 5 = we discover that something is terribly wrong
Age 10 = we adopt a world view (critical events)
Age 20 to 25 = we attain maturity
Age 32 = producer, volunteer, contributor, believer = we become positive political citizens
By age 64 = we are more wise and more conservative
Work hard, save a lot, be generous, and think before voting

Faith, grace, love, and sacrifice - God's way of doing things

I can make a difference in the lives of others.
Change Principle
God is timeless = loving

Nothing stays the same: we mature over time as we react to events

Constant battle: Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan was shot in the head for wanting to obtain an education.

The tremendous power of Television
We are low information voters: very few people know much about life and especially politics

We are dependent on CUE LEADERS to digest politics for us and then tell us what to think.

The danger is manipulation (more later on the role of the media)
Political socialization is a 24/7 process.
Political Socialization is a 24/7 Lifetime process that never stops:
We are given a set of conditions and parameters as a young person. Some are positive and many are negative.
Some remain immature and overly dependent on their television "sugar Daddies" to tell them what to do.
Some mature and develop skills, knowledge and wisdom as to what we should do politically. It is my hope you become this kind of mature watchdog and not a dependent lapdog.
As the Bible hints, your goal is to become a great tree under which others can recline and be blessed.
Schools and family
The End
Education is a precious diamond that is worth almost everything else in life. God agrees; the gift of faith then discipleship; you study hard to prove yourself worthy.

Uneducated people have a hard time with faith and life.
People love to blame the "liberal media.
Where did Danae learn to blame the media?
Let us examine a Republican Family first
Now let us examine a Democratic Family
GHW Bush
GW Bush
Jeb Bush
G. P. Bush
The Schools play a critical role in teaching patriotism
Civic duties
Civil Rights
Civil Liberties
American Eagle
Well-informed voters
mutual respect
secret societies
Witch covens
I earned a 14 year perfect attendance pen
I worship at Good Shepherd Chapel where we strive to serve the poor
Eastern Illinois University 1975
My Great Grandfather lived to 103 and danced in Church every Sunday
Calculate age 10
Great Depression
Space race
JFK vs. Nixon
Malcolm X, Bobby, Martin, Wallace, Reagan
Space Shuttle Disaster
Public Opinion plays a critical role in the US political system
Pollsters take samples and measure the public's support for a public policy.
Literary Digest began predicting winners in 1916.
They blew it in 1936
Fox News predicted that Mitt Romney would win very late into the evening.
Predict: who is winning the demographic battles?
A random sample can predict amazing things.
The American voter likes 13 out of the 14 major parts of the Affordable Health Care Act (AHA).
Americans do not want another war.
Younger, less religious, non-white, lower classes
Cannot change: Gender, race, ethnicity, age, etc.
How is Prince William socialized?
How are children of presidents socialized?
Rags to riches to rags
Gang m
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