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Turkey prezi by patrick brett jonahbear Justin

turkeys culture

Patrick Gault

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Turkey prezi by patrick brett jonahbear Justin

http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/6752341 Turkish Keyboard Turkish Alphabet The Official Language Of Turkey Is Turkish Foods in Turkey KIBBEH WITH PINENUTS AND RAISINS TURKISH STYLE BLACK EYED PEAS ICE CREAM WITH ROSE PETAL JELLY AND CRUSHED PISTACHIOS FRESH FAVA BEAN PODS WITH YOGURT (BAKLA) STUFFED GRAPE LEAVES (YAPRAK SARMASI) Kibbeh is minced onions and
ground red meat 45% of the turkish people go to Church Most Turkish people are Muslim hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hi hi First off some strange laws:

All married women must get their husband’s permission if they wish to have a job, they must live wherever the husband wishes to reside, and they must forfeit all jointly held assets upon divorce from her husband.

It is against the law to fall in love with a neighbors son, daughter, wife, servant or any of his animals.

It is illegal for men over the age of 80 to become pilots.

Stealing olives before they are ripe can result in a jail sentence of up to 2 years. Turkey How about some natural resources: coal, iron ore, copper, chromium, antimony, mercury, gold, barite, borate, celestite (strontium), emery, feldspar, limestone, magnesite, marble, perlite, pumice, pyrites (sulfur), clay, arable land, hydropower Total area: 780,580 sq km Borders: Greece, Georgia, Syria, Iran, and Armenia Surrounded by the Black Sea. Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea highest point: Mount Ararat 5,166 m
Surrounded by the Black Sea. Aegea lowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m Comparative Area: slightly larger than Texas Climate: temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters; harsher in interior Inventions Made In Turkey Coffee Pin-Hole Camera Chess Parachute Shampoo Refinement Shaft Metal Armor Pointed Arch Surgery Gestures When meeting shake hands firmly. When departing it is not always customary to shake hands although it is practiced occasionally. Friends and relations would greet each other with either one or two kisses on the cheek. Elders are always respected by kissing their right hand then placing the forehead onto the hand. When entering a room, if you are not automatically met by someone greet the most elderly or most senior first. At social occasions greet the person closest to you then work your way around the room or table anti-clockwise. Korkma, sönmez bu şafaklarda yüzen al sancak;

Sönmeden yurdumun üstünde tüten en son ocak.

O benim milletimin yıldızıdır parlayacak;

O benimdir, o benim milletimindir ancak.

Çatma, kurban olayım çehreni ey nazlı hilal!

Kahraman ırkıma bir gül! ne bu şiddet bu celal?

Sana olmaz dökülen kanlarımız sonra helal,

Hakkıdır, Hak'ka tapan, milletimin istiklal!

Ben ezelden beridir hür yaşadım, hür yaşarım.

Hangi çılgın bana zincir vuracakmış? Şaşarım;

Kükremiş sel gibiyim, bendimi çiğner aşarım;

Yırtarım dağları, enginlere sığmam, taşarım.

Garbın afakını sarmışsa çelik zırhlı duvar,

Benim iman dolu göğsüm gibi serhaddim var.

Ulusun, korkma! Nasıl böyle bir imanı boğar.

"Medeniyyet!" dediğin tek dişi kalmış canavar?

Arkadaş! Yurduma alçakları uğratma sakın!

Siper et gövdeni, dursun bu hayasızca akın.

Doğacaktır sana vaadettiği günler Hak'kın;

Kimbilir, belki yarın, belki yarından da yakın.

Bastığın yerleri "toprak" diyerek geçme, tanı!

Düşün, altında binlerce kefensiz yatanı.

Sen şehit oğlusun, incitme, yazıktır atanı;

Verme, dünyaları alsan da bu cennet vatanı.

Kim bu cennet vatanın uğruna olmaz ki feda?

Şüheda fışkıracak toprağı sıksan, şüheda!

Canı, cananı, bütün varımı alsın da Hüda,

Etmesin tek vatanımdan beni dünyada cüda.

Ruhumun senden, ilahi şudur ancak emeli;

Değmesin mabedimin göğsüne na-mahrem eli!

Bu ezanlar ki şahadetleri dinin temeli,

Ebedi yurdumun üstünde benim inlemeli.

O zaman vecd ile bin secde eder varsa taşım;

Her cerihamdan, ilahi, boşanıp kanlı yaşım,

Fışkırır ruh-i mücerret gibi yerden naşım;

O zaman yükselerek arşa değer belki başım!

Dalgalan sen de şafaklar gibi ey şanlı hilal;

Olsun artık dökülen kanlarımın hepsi helal!

Ebediyyen sana yok, ırkıma yok izmihlal.

Hakkıdır, hür yaşamış bayrağımın hürriyet;

Hakkıdır, Hak'ka tapan milletimin istiklal! Hakkıdır, Hak'ka tapan milletimin istiklal!

Fear not! For the red flag that proudly ripples in this glorious twilight, shall never fade,

Before the last fiery hearth that is ablaze within my nation is extinguished.

For That is the star of my nation, and it will forever shine;

It is mine; and solely belongs to my valiant nation.

Frown not, I beseech you, oh thou coy crescent,

But smile upon my heroic race! Why the anger, why the rage?

Our blood which we shed for you will not be blessed otherwise;

For freedom is the absolute right of my God-worshiping nation.

I have been free since the beginning and forever will be so.

What madman shall put me in chains! I defy the very idea!

I'm like the roaring flood; powerful and independent,

I'll tear apart mountains, exceed the heavens and still gush out!

The lands of the West may be armored with walls of steel,

But I have borders guarded by the mighty chest of a believer.

Recognize your innate strength, my friend! And think: how can this fiery faith ever be killed,

By that battered, single-fanged monster you call "civilization"?

My friend! Leave not my homeland to the hands of villainous men!

Render your chest as armor and your body as trench! Stop this disgraceful rush!

For soon shall come the joyous days of divine promise...

Who knows? Perhaps tomorrow? Perhaps even sooner!

View not the soil you tread on as mere earth, recognize it!

And think about the shroudless thousands who lie so nobly beneath you.

You're the noble son of a martyr, take shame, hurt not your ancestor!

Unhand not, even when you're promised worlds, this paradise of a homeland.

What man would not die for this heavenly piece of land?

Martyrs would gush out were one to just squeeze the soil! Martyrs!

May God take all my loved ones and possessions from me if He will,

But may He not deprive me of my one true homeland for the world.

Oh glorious God, the sole wish of my pain-stricken heart is that,

No heathen's hand should ever touch the bosom of my sacred Temples.

These adhans, whose shahadahs are the foundations of my religion,

And may their noble sound last loud and wide over my eternal homeland.

For only then, shall my fatigued tombstone, if there is one, prostrate a thousand times in ecstasy,

And tears of fiery blood shall flow out of my every wound,

And my lifeless body shall gush out from the earth like an eternal spirit,

Perhaps only then, shall I peacefully ascend and at long last reach the heavens.

So flap and wave like the bright dawning sky, oh thou glorious crescent,

So that our every last drop of blood may finally be worthy!

Neither you nor my race shall ever be extinguished!

For freedom is the absolute right of my ever-free flag;

For freedom is the absolute right of my God-worshiping nation! Government parties
DP back off
AKPic Parties
TP Government type
Republican Parliamentary Democracy Average life span in Turkey
average male 70.86
average female 74.78 People are offended in Turkey when people point their soles of their feet at one another, stand with your hands on your hips, and standing with your hands in your pockets. Equality
female participation in labor
is less than 30% Independence
october 29, 1923
successor state to the
Ottoman Empire The red color is the ancestors' blood, who colored the flag to save their country; the crescent and star are the reflection of the moon and star on the blood in the evening. According to the survey, across 34 provinces, Turkey’s five social groups can be listed as “Urban Modernists,” “Rural traditionalists,” “status quo supporters,” “rural indifferent,” and “failed citizens.” Currently, there are 32845040 Facebook Monthly Active Users in Turkey Service Telephone
Medical emergency / Ambulance Tel: 112
Fire Tel: 110
Police Tel: 155
Coastguard Tel: 158
Forest fires Tel: 177
Missing child / Women's helpline Tel: 183 hahaahaa Places to see in Turkey Cappadocia The volcanic rock formations at Cappadocia are located within the Goreme National Park and are a popular tourist attraction in the region. Around 4,000 years ago, people started carving cave dwellings into the bizarrely shaped mounds of volcanic rock that were deposited by now extinct volcanoes. What remains is a remarkable and unique network of caves and tunnels, such as those at Derinkuyu, that stretch over 11 floors to a depth of around 85 metres. Hierapolis and Pamukkale Around a 3 hours drive east from the popular holiday resort of Kusadisi Kuşadasi or 4 hours drive north of Antalya, you will find the ancient city of Hierapolis. Founded in the 2nd century B.C. Hierapolis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose name translates as “Sacred City” and is a beautiful and unreal landscape. A trip to Hierapolis rewards tourists with a selection of historic remains of the city, including the amphitheatre (top photo), the tombs of the Necropolis and the remains at the Temple of Apollo (the Greek God of the Sun). Istanbul Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and the only city in the world that sits on two continents, Asia and Europe. Istanbul has a rich history that can be seen all over the city. Sightseeing opportunities are everywhere – from the majestic Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace (centre of the Ottoman Empire for more than 4 centuries) in Istanbul’s old city, to the thousands of shops and stalls at the Grand Bazaar, the worlds largest covered market. Ephesus Located just a short 25 minute drive north of Kusadisi, the ancient city of Ephesus houses the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean region and was once home to the Temple of Artemis – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Ephesus dates from the 13th century B.C. and was once a major port city with a large population. But when the port silted up, most of the citizens left, abandoning the city in a short space of time. Today many of the ruins still stand in surprisingly good condition. Visitors can still see the remains of the amphitheatre and library, along with many other ruins and relics. The Ephesus site will take a full day to see properly and entrance costs 20 Turkish Lira (approximately £9 or US$12.50)*. Sumela Monastery Sumela Monastery in the Trabzon province of North East Turkey is an amazing sight. The monastery is built in the most impressive, impossible and inaccessible location, in a hollow of a sheer cliff face a thousand feet above the valley floor, and it seems a miracle that the building manages to cling on to the rock. The monastery dates back to the 4th century when it was founded by a Greek monk known as blessed Barnabas. For those wanting to visit Sumela monastery and take a look around inside to see the monks living quarters and various relics and frescoes left behind, a 40 minute hike through thick woodland is necessary and an entrance fee of 8 Turkish Lira (about £3.50 or US$5)* is payable, but it is certainly worth the effort. There are many, many restaurants in Turkey, which
many of them have Turkish dishes. Turkish people eat mainly the same number of meals that we do ram·a·dan
The ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset. Public & Religious Holidays in 2013

Tuesday, 1 January
New Year’s Day (Yılbaşı) – National Holiday – First day of the new year.

Tuesday, 23 April
National Sovereignty and Children’s Day (Ulusal Eğemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı) – National Holiday – Commemoration of the first opening of gthe Grand National Assembly of Turkey in Ankara (1920). Dedicated to the children.

Wednesday, 1 May
Labor and Solidarity Day (Emek ve Dayanışma Günü) – National Holiday.

Sunday, 19 May
Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth & Sports Day (Atatürk’ü Anma Gençlik ve Spor Bayramı) – National Holiday – The arrival of Atatürk in Samsun in 1919, the beginning of the War of Independence. Dedicated to the youth.

Wednesday, 7 August
Sugar Feast’s Eve (Ramazan Bayramı Arifesi) – Religious Holiday – ½ day.

Thursday, 8 August – Saturday, 10 August
Sugar Feast (Ramazan Bayramı) – Religious Holidays – Three-day festival to celebrate the end of fasting (Ramadan) where plenty of sweets are eaten.

Friday, 30 August
Victory Day (Zafer Bayramı) – National Holiday – Victory over the allied forces during the final battle in Dumlupınar in 1922, ending the War of Independence. Dedicated to the armed forces.

Sunday, 6 October
Liberation of Istanbul (İstanbul’un Kurtuluşu) – Regional Holiday – Anniversary of the liberation of Istanbul by Turkish armed forces during the War of Independence.

Monday, 14 October
Feast of the Sacrifice’s Eve (Kurban Bayramı Arifesi) – Religious Holiday – ½ day.

Tuesday, 15 – Friday, 18 October
Feast of the Sacrifice (Kurban Bayramı) – Religious Holidays – Four-day festival where sheep are sacrificed/slaughtered and their meat is distributed to the poor.

Monday, 28 October
Republic Day’s Eve (Cumhuriyet Bayramı Arifesi) – National Holiday – ½ day.

Tuesday, 29 October
Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayramı) – National Holiday – Anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Abdullah Gül
President of Turkey
Abdullah Gül is the 11th and current President of Turkey, serving in that office since 28 August 2007. He previously served for four months as Prime Minister from 2002 to 2003, and as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2003 to 2007. The Birth Rate in Turkey is 17.58 With a Death rate of 6.1 In Turkey the currency is Turkish lira which .56 usa dollar to the turkish lira's one. Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Wrestling 28 16 14 58
Weightlifting 8 1 1 10
Athletics 1 3 2 6
Taekwondo 1 3 2 6
Judo 1 0 1 2
Boxing 0 2 3 5
Total 39 25 23 87 Employment In order to legally work in Turkey you must have a Work Permit, a Work Visa, and a Residence Permit. Work Visas may only be issued after a Work Permit has been approved. Work-related Residence Permits are only issued after you have the Work Permit and Work Visa. There are strict limitations on job categories open to foreign nationals in Turkey. Only Turkish citizens are permitted to work in the following professions:

Medical doctor, dentist, midwife, nurse, pharmacist, optician, veterinarian, public notary, certified public accountant, attorney-at-law, hospital administrator, managing director of pharmaceutical factories, peddler, musician, photographer, barber, typesetter, broker, garment, cap and footwear producer, stock exchange broker, salesperson of goods produced by state monopolies, interpreter, guide, highway worker, driver, watchman, office boy, doorkeeper, waiter, waitress, singer, construction worker, iron worker, and woodworker. Male/Female Retirement Age: 44.9/41.0 Employment Rate: 46.8% Male/Female Life Expectancy: 75/78.8 Turkish people don't really believe in forming lines They will just cut in front of you if they want to. Fashion & Trends Sports Yogurt Milk is very popular and it is packaged the same way as regular milk The most favorite fashion in
Turkey is Eco Clothing, (Economy).
Beach handball
Formula One
Motorcycle racing
Rugby union
Sailing and boat trips
Wrestling Many women also wear
headdresses The average height in Turkey is 5'9" The most common name for boys is Emir and for girls Talya Hairstyles in Turkey
are pretty much the
same as the US Cars in Turkey are the same models, but are made from
different companies. The most popular pet in Turkey is the Angora Cat Red. Red is a strong color, which stimulates viability, gives physical courage, has stimulating effect, makes visual impact, and may create stress and aggression. It is related with activation of the impulse of “fight or escape”.

Green . Green creates the feeling of love, relaxation, renewal, dependability, environmental consciousness, balance and peace.

Blue. It has a mainly a relaxing, concentration increasing, assisting in mental relief, and relieving effect. However, it may have a cold and senseless impression as well.

Yellow. It symbolizes excitement, self confidence, openness, friendship and creativity. Yellow is more rapidly perceived than the other colors, and eyes are more sensitive to it. This makes yellow one of the favorite colors.

White. It is the symbol of health and hygiene. It has gives the feeling of correctness and trust. However, it makes the eyes tired very fast.

Black. It reminds seriousness and dignity. However, it frequently implies sorrow, death and darkness.

Grey. It is colorless and creates no strong feelings.

Purple (Violet). It creates the feeling of regret, fear and opposite feelings. It is perceived as the indication of power and divinity.

Orange. It gives the sense of brightness and warmth. It has a powerful activating effect. It creates the feeling of openness and increases the will to live.

Pink. It expresses kindness, softness, happiness and pleasure which are regarded as feminine feelings. That was why the soccer clubs refrain from using this color.

Brown. It induces seriousness, warmth, robustness and support. It mainly addresses the adults. It may occasionally result in melancholic feelings. Television In Turkey, there are many cartoons, including:
Dora! Current Pay-TV services in Turkey are Digiturk,
D-Smart, TeleDünya, Türksat KabloTV and Tivibu. ABDÜLHAK HÂMD TARHAN (1852-1937) turkey is a first world country A Famous movie is Conquest 1453 The most popular actor in turkey is Kenan Imirzalioglu The most Popular Actress in Beren Saat The most common Hobby is Shadow puppets The popular things to collect are ancient Coins A common craft to make are Carpets in fact they usually hold competitions MUSIC Made By: Jonah Lousma, Brett Babler, Patrick
Gault, Justin Krueger Popular music in turkey is rock, hip hop, pop, R&B, heavy metal, jazz, classical, and traditional music HOUSING houses in turkey can range from a modern day house to a single mud house USD $533,504
(£350,000) Sources:
http://amargigroupistanbul.wordpress.com/category/gender-equality-in-turkey/ http://www.indexmundi.com/turkey/natural_resources.html http://www.stupidlaws.com/laws/countries/turkey/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Television_in_Turkey http://www.fashionturkey.co.uk/
http://xfinity.comcast.net/slideshow/finance-paypeopleretire/6/ http://www.turkeyforyou.com/turkey_turkish_food_types
http://www.climate-zone.com/climate/turkey/ http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/turkey-country-profile.html
http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/rel_chu_att-religion-church-attendance Random Facts most people live in the city but people also live out in the country Anthem Whistle video Entertainment Government And Economy More Food And Technology Capital is Ankara Ways of transportation

Bike Game Time
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