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Ecology - Biopyramids and cycles

No description

abby freo

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Ecology - Biopyramids and cycles

Agenda for Sept. 5, 2011 Grab your folder w/papers
Stamp water cycle and nitrogen
Failures and Mandatory tutorials!!!
Finish up Ecological pyramids and Biomagnification.
Go over water cycle/nitrogen cycles
Finish carbon and all cycles today HW# Study for Quiz Thurs. Bio Pyramids (3) Energy Pyramid
shows transfer of energy
10% rule Pyramids of biomass (g)
shows # of living tissue
amt of food available Pyramids of numbers
# of species at that level
inverted -ex: forest Biomagnification All Cycles Biomass Numbers Energy def: Amplifying a chemical. Cycles
on Biotic
factors! 79% atmosphere
Can't use!!! Bacteria
-Break bond to
form nitrates/ammonia Bacteria
-change nitrates
into Nitrogen gas Carbon Cycle CO2 in Atmosphere Photosynthesis Combustion
burning of gas/ fossil fuels uses sunlight
to convert CO2 into
food (glucose) Decomposition - break up
of large carbon molecules Respiration:
Break down of
glucose with help of
oxygen. Finish your
cycle activity! Agenda for September 7, 2011 Stamp all four cycles immediately when you walk in!
Warm Up
Go over Experimental Procedure 3
Quiz Recap
Symbiosis video
Symbiosis Lab (group) -> you will be timed! HW: Study for your quiz!!!! Agenda for Sept. 7, 2012 Sit in assigned seat!!!
Energy flow/pyramids
Finish Energy flow Lab
Vocab Grades Autotrophs/Producers Consumer/Heterotroph Consumer/ Heterotroph Secondary Consumer/heterotroph VS. Decomposer Detritivore 10%
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