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Prezi Group

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of FAIRTRADE Prezi

Ghana Cocoa Think about what would it be like... ...to work in a hot, dry climate... ...all day... ...everyday... ...for less than 2 pounds... India Tea & Cotton Malawi Sugar South Africa Oranges Palestine Olive Oil Brazil Dom. Rep. Costa Rica Coffee Brazil Nuts Bananas All over the world there are farmers in this position... Even though these farmers work very very hard, they will still remain extremely poor... How would you feel if you only got a tiny bit of the money you deserved for producing something you which so hard on? worked Not enough money No running water Can't feed the family Children can't go to school Does this situation sound FAIR? FAIRTRADE FAIRTRADE DOES! ...a little bit extra... To put towards schools... Or ...or a hospital... ...or running water So how can you help? ...look out for... The FAIRTRADE Mark ...the FAIRTRADE promise! U.K. U.K.
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