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Far from the madding crowd

English CPT assignment

Taranom Farhoudi

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Far from the madding crowd

Bathsheba Everdene
As said earlier, the plot to this novel is all about Bathsheba and the three men in her life. Gabriel Oak was the first man to meet Bathsheba. It was not love at first sigh, but he fell in love with Bathsheba after awhile. Passing by her aunt’s house and seeing her over and over again tempted him to finally ask for her hand in marriage. Bathsheba not knowing Gabriel too well refuses saying that she doesn’t love him. Bathsheba moves to Weathbury to inherit the farm that was left behind for her. Gabriel who’s sheeps were stolen went to town to only find himself back near her and started working in her farm. The next man that falls madly in love with her is Mr.Boldwood. When she first saw him he was the only man who didn’t notice he so she foolishly send a valentine card to him with a “Marry me” stamp on it only to make a laugh out of it. Bathsheba feeling guilty and begging for forgiveness on very encounter finally agrees that she will think about marrying him and that she will give him an answer in four or five weeks. Unfortunately for Boldwood this limited time was enough for another man to arrive at her steps.
Sergeant Troy is very unlike the other two men. His love brings a trilling sense of danger which attracts Bathsheba right away. Troy is known to be
a lier and a womanizer and so
Bathsheba’s friends tried to warn
her of him, but she didn’t listen
to anyone. She finally comes to
her senses when Troy admitted
that she means nothing to her
and leaves her behind. Troy was lost
and Boldwood seeing a chance for him
steps in and Bathsheba agrees that if her husband doesn’t come back she will agree to marry him. Troy comes back that same night making Boldwood lose control killing Troy with a gun nearby and turns himself in after wards. Bathsheba realizing that Gabriel is the only man for her and that he is the only person who she can experience a wonderful love with insists for him to stay with her. Gabriel decides to take control of both boldwood and Bathsheba’s farm. Bathsheba will now share a wonderful life with Gabriel Oak who will treat her with affection and understanding.
Bathsheba and Sergeant Troy
Bathsheba and Gabriel oak
Bathsheba Everdene, the protagonist of the novel who is a beautiful young woman who has attracted 3 suitors. This lovely lady is the topic of every conversation for her independence and her outrageous beauty.

Can ever
The same
The first movie was made in 1967
The new movie (2015)
Boldwood shoots Troy
Bathsheba marries Troy
Boldwood fights Troy
Franny died
Bathsheba and Gabriel live a wonderful life together
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