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Color Project

No description

Sarah Sandford

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Color Project

Ideation T shirt Designs Color Project: Design a T-Shirt
Sarah Sandford Problem Design a tshirt design for Arise Ministries
Make the design unisex (both male and female)
Create a simple design to lower cost
Make the design Christian orientated but available to a broad audience
Goals broaden my understanding of photoshop
broaden my understanding of the tshirt business
design a unique and simple design that is available to a broad audience
design a unique bet yet cost effective design Arise Ministries
Brand new organization designed to sell merchandise
merchandise benefits aid and mission groups around the world
Arise ministries is a Non-profit organization ex. Tom Shoes and Omni Peace Arise.... liked the word arise and asked what connations that word has:
waking up
yellows, reds like a sunrise
all of these answers were the most common Finished Design Font Choice New Design New Ideation Sources and Collaborators www.tomshoes.com
color essentials 4
macbook pro

Calleb connel
Jana Nelson
Dusty Desrochers
emily hong
arielle monks
heather lants
mallory dougoud
rachel sandford
arise ministry team

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