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A Paperless Classroom

Watch this Prezi to find out how to make your classroom virtually paperless !

Amber A

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of A Paperless Classroom

A Paperless Classroom! :) Want your classroom paperless? Wouldn't it be nice to look up from your desk and see every kid with a laptop/iPad/Kindle? Breaking your back carrying papers to your car is though. Wouldn't you rather sit at home on your coutch and grade work from your laptop? What is WEB 2.0?! Web 2.0 is much easier to use then web 1.0 and costs much less.
You can use facebook, twitter, and YouTube to stretch your teachings to a whole new level.
It's just like a brand new WEB 1.0! ... And Flickr is? You can use Flickr to share photos. You [teachers] can put pictures on here that students may need. Say for a project or assignment you may have given them? I thought tweeting was just for birds! Well not anymore! Twitter is a fast and easy site to see peoples update in 140, characters or less! A dayily blog you might say? You can use Twitter to connect to all of your students during school. It’s an easy way to ask a question during a video or to see what’s going through the students mind while you’re teaching.
Google Docs! You can upload your documents on Google Docs and other people can edit/view these documents. Say your students have notes on their 'G' drive at school that they need for an assignment that's dude the next day!? They can upload them to Google Docs! Cloud computing? Sounds like fun! Well it's just as simple as that Cloud computing is just where you can access everything online; exaples: facebook, twitter, email, flickr, google docs, ETC. Wiki? How could this help ME? Wiki is a fast and easy thing where you can edit your own webpage! You can use Wiki to make your website easier to edit.
A paperless classroom!!! Pandora's box? NOPE! You can make you own sort of radio station of the music YOU like and put only the songs YOU want to listen to. You can use Pandora to help your students concentrate on their work by letting them make their own ‘radio station’.
Podcasts... Say what? It's a media file available on the internet can be listened to through anything that will download it You could use podcasts to turn projects in, or teach your students in other people’s point of view.
Blogging?!?!?! Is a thing where you can share your ideas with anyone and everyone that is on the internet. You can have a blog available to your students to update them with the stuff that you’re learning/teaching that day.
... And RSS stands for? also known as the button of power, or really simple subscriptions. Works as a 'reader'. Whatever that person is subscribed too, you are too! You can use this to connect to your students blogs; twitters; flickrs, ETC.
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