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Nae-Nae By: #Wearetoonz

This is a presentation for my writing class, basically its information about the group #WEARETOONZ and a little bit of information about the NAE-NAE! Hope you will like it.

jaden banner

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Nae-Nae By: #Wearetoonz

The Nae-Nae is a popular dance in 2014. Created by the group #Wearetoonz. All you have to do is put your hand up and rock back and forth. The original song for the Nae-Nae is #Dropthatnae-nae, and theres another song for the Nae-Nae which is #Stoner by Young Thug. Alot of my friends do the Nae-Nae like: Randall, Lakaiyah, Haley, Braylon, Cecilia,Brooklyn (both),Ikia, and others.
Calvin Lamar Glass
A.K.A Callamar
Birthday: March 13th
His favorite color is blue
His favorite foods are: seafood, fries, pizza,soul food, and ramen noodles.
Hobbies are: playing basketball
He started dancing proffesionally when he was 13, and started rapping when he was 15.
He is inspired by: Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Beyonce.
Jalen Ware
A.K.A Bear

Birthday: January 5th
His favorite colors: blue, black, and red
He loves to make people laugh, and play basketball.
Hobbies: football, and basketball
He has ben dancing proffessionally for 8yrs.
He is inspired by: Michael Jackson.
Kavin Bing-Gardner
A.K.A K.B.

Birthday: December 1st
Favorite color: green
Favorite foods: fish, chicken, shrimp, and pasta.
His hobbies: shopping, rehearsal, and performing.
He started dancing at the age of 2, and started rapping at the age of 13.
He is a Christian.
Christopher Major
A.K.A Crush Bandit
Birthday: August 4th
Favorite colors: black, red, and orange.
Favorite type of food: seafood
He's the oldest of 3, he dances ofcourse, does poetry, and acts.
The kind of dancing that he does is krump, poppin, and hip-hop.
By: WeAreToonz

Tavin Bing-Gardner
: April 19th
Favorite colors: purple and orange.
Hobbies: basketball,playing the X-box, and Ps3 Madden, and 2k only.
he loves to laugh and joke around.
"He's ben dancin since he could walk, and hes ben rapping ever since August 2013" Tavin said.
His birthday
What is the Nae-Nae?
My Fave

My favorite member out of all of them is Callamar, because first I like the way how his hair is simple from the other members because I don't like the others hair, he's pretty cool, and we like the color
The Reason
The reason why I chose to do the NAE-NAE was bcause it is my favorite dance at the time and the NAE-NAE is a very popular dance at our school and the entire world!
This is the music video of #DROPTHATNAE-NAE!
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