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Business Plan

No description

Nikki Rose

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan

The Constructioneers L.L.P.
Company Description:
The Constructioneers L.L.P.
Provides general contracting services with a focus on efficiency, affordable pricing, and craftsmanship
Prioritizes quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and personal safety
Specializes in home renovations, eventually expanding to construction
Offers highly competitive pricing while still making a profit
Available to serve the Portland-Metropolitan area.
Operated by five business partners, each specializing in the following areas:

Management of The Constructioneers consists of five business partners. Each of us have an area of expertise, covering all required branches of the company:

Stuart Mosier: General Manager
(BS in Human Resources, 7 years industry experience)
Nikki Rose: Service Manager
(BS in Management, 11 years industry experience)
Leilani Kane: Marketing Manager
(BA in Marketing, 4 years industry experience)
Deysi Lopez: Operations Manager
(BA in Management, 4 years industry experience)
Michelle Sweere: Financial Manager
(BA in Finance, 7 years industry experience)
Management Style Benefits:
By having a larger number of managers, we have a better chance of success because:

Each manager has direct experience in their field
Full, equal attention is given to each field
It alleviates stress by distributing the workload between all partners
Employees will have direct supervisors
To market our services, we will use the following resources:
Internet and Social Media
Google AdSpace
Located in high-traffic areas
Vehicles and public transportation
Company contact information will be advertised on car windows and buses
Long-Term Marketing:
Our general contracting services will include the following:
Foundations & basements
Doors & locks
Window installation & repair
Kitchen & bathroom renovation
Patios & decks
Interior & exterior painting
Handicap additions
Building inspections
Demolition & clean-up

Clients will receive a private consultation with our staff prior to renovation to assure efficiency and minimize labor costs. This helps to allow our competitive pricing.

We are located at the Venture Commerce Center in Hillsboro, Oregon.
Nearby Nike and Intel, where new home owners will require our services
Fast-growing area where construction opportunities will arise

Pricing for Services:
The Constructioneers L.L.P. charges an additional 15% on top of the cost of labor and materials.

This stays competitive with the market, as our competitors charge between 10 and 25%.
Before and after of one of our kitchen renovations.
Follow our social media:
Projected Monthly Sales - First Year
We will market to home renovators, home developers, and eventually businesses in the Portland-Metropolitan area.
Distribution will occur through an independent representative:
During consultations, a staff member will determine what services and materials are required and issue a written bill for the project
All five partners have the educational qualifications and industry experience required for their position.
Small backyard transformed into a relaxing patio.
This is proof that we will slowly transition into construction services from home renovation while increasing overall profits.

By giving our full attention to new construction projects, we will gain a significantly higher profit margin.
This graph illustrates the evolution from renovations to construction during our first year of business.
Documentation of expenses to assure the company will not lose sufficient funding for its operations
Choosing to begin by exclusively marketing home renovations instead of construction will:
Assume a conservative position that helps us grow steadily
Lower the cost of start-up expenses and insurance
Establish trust and a portfolio of work for the public
Once established, our company will phase out renovations and focus on construction to make the largest profit.
Old country home made modern with basic renovations.
Complete the prerequisite training and pass CCB’s statewide test
16 hours of training
$85 to take the test
File for the business name and Limited Liability Partnership at the Oregon Corporation Division
Obtain and submit a CCB surety bond
Obtain and provide proof of general liability insurance
Provide evidence of worker’s compensation and other employer account numbers
Submit a completed CCB application
$325 fee for two years
Some professions relating to the construction field require special certifications or licenses
Such as home inspectors, electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths
The Constructioneers will need a valid Construction Contractors Boarding License in order to operate. The following must be done to receive this:
LLP Non-Exempt Company Requirements:
Workers compensation insurance
Standard industrial classification (SIC) codes for statistical purposes
Home inspector
Key employees must have 4 years of experience in the field
Surety Bond and Insurance Costs:
Bond: $20,000
Insurance policy: $500,000 per occurrence
Bond $75,000
Insurance policy $1 million aggregate
Bathroom renovation and installation.
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