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The Fault In Our Stars

No description

Pournami Avinash

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars

Book Report
But hazel is not an ordinary girl. she is living with cancer.
Hazel's character, and physical features
She has dark cute, short "pixie cut" hair.
Thanks for watching

Thanks for being patient....and for being such a good audience.....!!!
The Fault In Our Stars

John Greens
Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 16 year old girl living in Indianapolis, indiana.
lung cancer....
She exbits some side effects of cancer
treatments,like puffy cheeks and
Hazel is selfless, funny, humble,
has big ideas, has questions on small things,
loves to read books, writes poetry, and
she loves her family.
She likes watching reality shows in tv
with her parents.
(the protaganist
in the story)
Augustus Waters is the male lead
character in the story, he is 17years old .
He suffers from osteosarcoma and he
He is long and leany, with mahagony
hair, and muscular body.

lost one leg as the side effect of cancer.

He is a big beliver of metaphor, he has a
habbit of putting cigarette in mouth, but
will never lit it.
I like staring at beautiful things....!!!

Hazel meets Agustus
One day at a support group
Hazel meets Agustus (gus).
They become friends in a short time,
sharing conversation, time, books,
thoughts and their dreams,
they fall in love....!!!
an incredible journey to amsterdam,
to find an unfinished ending of a
book introduced to Gus, by Hazel.
An Imperial Affliction
Peter Van Hoten
They both were really excited
to go to amsterdam, but hazel...
she got sick, and she didn't have
the permission of her doctors
to go to amsterdam.
After hazel return home...she is bored sitting
home and taking rest, also sad to know the
plan was off...!!!
Day's passed...
Hazel's doctor said....it is okay for her
to travel to amsterdam...

She was happy and she texted (gus)
which changed their lives....
The journey was something
In Amsterdam....

They spend a great time there...
The motive of their journey
was not fulfilled....they didn't
get to know the ending of the story.
A few days after they are home after the journey....
Gus gets sick....his case gets worse....he gets weak
and slowly he grew so weak that....he couldn't walk
and was using a wheelchair to move around...
Will he survive or not....???
I chose this novel because it is very
popular among the teens,and i like reading
romance novels....
The point of view is first person(singular).
The setting is Indianapolis and amsterdam,
in the novel indiana is the place were they meet,
in Amsterdam they fall in love....
Other Caracters in the novel
Hazels mom and dad
static characters
Augustus' mom and dad:
Static characters
Static character
Being together leads them to
If i ever make a sequel of the fault in our stars.....
Important qoutes
All the visuals and citiations uesd in
the presentation is from google.com
The background music is used from youtube....!!!
Augustus Waters (GUS)

Peter Van Hauten
Dynamic Charater
Agustus had progressive cancer.....
he knew, he had cancer before
the journey....he didn't tell hazel
because he didn't want to hurt her...

The book made me laugh and cry....
I wil never make Agustus die...and the ending will
definitely be a "happy" ending
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