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The Path of a Life Coach

No description

Denise Baumann

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of The Path of a Life Coach

Christian Coaching Distinctives
Judeo-Christian worldview is essential foundation (shared values & moral standards)
Scripture trumps psychology
People viewed as prone to evil due to our sin nature (secular coaching is very humanistic)
We acknowledge & access the Holy Spirit
Higher value placed on suffering and self-discipline
Distinctives of Coaching
Technology reliant (phone, fax, email, VOIP, website, blogs, social media, telebridges)
Prepaid (fees ranging greatly)
Monthly contracts
Low overhead
No geographical constraints*
Incredibly flexible*
Roles of the Coach
Accountability partner
Conduit for the Holy Spirit
How Does Coaching Work?
Scheduled appointments
Spot calls and emails
Via telephone or face-to-face
Client-defined and driven (prep forms)
Often contracted for 3-6 months or more
Therapy & Coaching Differences
Insight oriented
Focus on past & present
Healing work
Relief from pain
Pathology & diagnosis
Medical model
Therapist responsibility
More supportive
More stigma
Barrier for men
Action oriented
Focus on future
Growth work
Pursuit of passion
Health & wholeness
Growth model
Client responsibility
More edgy
Less stigma
Less barrier for men
Self pay
Similarities Between
Coaching &Therapy/Counseling
Skill Sets
Listening &reflecting skills
Empathic& relational skills
Questioning & probing skills
Contractual relationship
Scheduled appointments
Connecting at a deep level
Use of homework
Common Themes of Coaching
Clarifying vision, mission, purpose & passion
Enhancing and strengthening relationships
Finding balance and simplicity
Deepening one's spiritual walk
Improving time management
Life transitions,Empty nesting, Retirement,
Parenting & Step-Parenting
Closing the gap between where the client is and where they want to be (or where they sense God wants them to be)
What Does a Life Coach Do?
Clarify their client's vision.
Identify their core values which support that vision.
Identify resources that can be activated to pursue the vision.
Break down the vision into manageable goals.
Hold the vision for the client, encouraging them toward it.
What is Life Coaching?
Through professional coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. (International Coach Federation, 1999)
An ongoing partnership between a coach and client that is focused on the client taking action toward the realization of their visions, goals, and desires. (McCluskey, 1998)
Pathway to Inner Healing
On the Pathway to Inner Healing you will learn...
How to hear from God
How to allow God to help you to clear away the wounds from the past.
How to gain healing in the present.
How to walk in your new healed state of Mind, Body and Spirit.
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