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Anxiety disorder

No description

Fekre Yohannes

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Anxiety disorder

Anxiety Disorder What is Anxiety? Feelings created Fight-Flight response Cerebral cortex About Anxiety Disorder Different Disorders Cause Symptoms Treatment Faster heartbeat and breathing
Tense Muscles
Unsettled stomach
Trembling hands or legs
Sweaty palms
- Generalized Anxiety
- Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
- Phobias
- Social phobia (social anxiety)
- Panic attacks
- Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Genetics
Brain biochemistry
Stressful life circumstances
An overactive fight-flight response
Learned behavior
"Anxiety disorders are a group of disorders which affect behaviour, thoughts, emotions and physical health." (Canadian Mental Health Association) http://www.medicalhealthadvice.org/anxiety-disorders/anxiety-disorders http://www.brainexplorer.org/glossary/cerebral_cortex.shtml http://howtoovercomesocialanxietydisorder.com/symptoms-of-social-anxiety-disorder-and-how-to-recognize-them/
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