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Proverb Project

No description

m shamoon

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Proverb Project

Morals caballo regalado no se le mira el diente the moral teaching or practical lesson contained in a fable, tale, experience, etc. Translation Dont check the teeth of a horse given as a present EL cuento: Habia una chico que se llama Juan. Juan tiene su diez cumpleanos y quiere muchas regalos.
There is a boy whos name is Juan. Juan has his 10th birthday and and wants alot of gifts. Definition Moral of The Story Don't complain about what you get, especially if it's a gift Chinese Proverb: Better to have a pebble with a fault and a crystal, than a perfect pebble Fin Y juan grita y llora mucho porque quiere muchas juguetes de carros. Pero juan habia dicho todos las personas dar juguetes.
And Juan yelled and cried alot because he wants alot of toy cars. But juan had told alot of people to give toys. Y Cuando Juan recibe sus regalos el tiene el mismo regalo y juan llore y corre y golpe el pastel de su cumpleanos y el pastel cae, y juan llore mas.
And when juan recieved his gifts he had the same gift and juan cried and ran and hit the birthday cake and it fell and juan cried more.
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