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Marley and Me

By: John Grogan

Christina Chace

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Marley and Me

Marley and Me By: John Grogan Summary Jenny and John were just married ready to begin their lives together. They were deeply in love with a perfect life ahead of them. Until they brought home a little yellow fur ball of a puppy, Marley. Suddenly their lives became miserable with Marley running the whole house. But Marley's love and loyalty for his family made up for his horrible behavior around the house. He shared Jenny's first pregnancy until their third. He was there every step of the way and the family then learned that unconditional love comes in many forms. Major Characters Jenny is a mom of three and is married to John. Soon after they get Marley, she goes through major depression. In the end, she realizes her life wouldn't be the same without Marley. John is a father of three and is married to Jenny. Throughout the book he overcomes deep-rooted family concerns. Even though Marley is full of trouble they will always be best friends. Marley is the families disobedient dog that makes the family go through many struggles. But his love and loyalty towards the family makes up for all of the trouble he gets in throughout his life. Marley Marley is the family's disobedient dog that gets into a lot of trouble throughout his life. He is a golden Labrador retriever that grows to be 100 pounds. When Marley is a puppy he gets expelled out of obedience school because he does not follow people's commands. He loves life and is anxious to live every moment to its fullest. As he gets older he starts to be there for his family more. Even though he has been 'the worlds worst dog' the Grogan family will always love him no matter what. They start to realize that if they didn't have Marley in their lives it would be much different. When Marley passes away all of the family members are extremely sad and miss him very much. Ms. Kornblunt is Marley's dog trainer where she tries to teach him manners, but obedience school did no good. When Marley refuses to obey her commands, she expels him from her class. Sebastian Tunney is the one who suggested that John and Jenny should get a puppy. He thought it would be a great idea to see if they were ready to raise a family. Literary Devices Simile- "His hairballs rolled across the floors like tumble weeds on a windblown plain." (240) Metaphor- "His rib cage was the size of a small beer keg." (233) Onomatopoeia- "Cock-a-doodle-dooooo!" (230) Theme- A theme throughout the novel is to show that life is a gift that doesn't last long. Marley's long dog life of 13 years is small in comparison to the average humans life and the time John spends with Marley allows him to realize the joys in life should always be cherished and how little time we have here on earth. Mood- The families mood was very sad when Marley passed away. Good Writing Recommendation I would recommend the book "Marley and Me" by John Grogan to all dog lovers. It is very interesting, well-written, and easy to read. At some parts it will make you laugh but at others it will make you cry. Anyone who owns a dog should be able to relate to this book. It is a great story and makes you realize how precious life is. "Parenthood, we found, suited us well. We settled into its rhythms, celebrated its simple joys, and grinned our way through its frustrations, knowing even the bad days soon enough would be cherished memories. We had everything we could ask for. We had our precious baby. We had our numbskull dog. We had our little house by the water. Of course, we also had each other." (111) This is an example of good writing because it is very detailed and descriptive. It gives the reader a good imagination of what the author was trying to describe and demonstrates good use of adjectives.
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