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Lab Presentation

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on 20 April 2018

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Transcript of Lab Presentation

My Experience with the Emotions & Aging Lab
The different challenges involved with recruiting participants
some days I didn't recruit a single participant
leaving a voice mail doesn't ensure they'll call back
There are different challenges depending on age
older participants may have a harder time with:
electronic consent forms
emailing in pictures
not all of them have an email address
Drop out rates and no-shows are more common than I considered
individuals may not even let the lab know they're not participating
Overall Conclusion
The Emotions and Aging Lab has helped me grow and develop new skills
confidence in speaking over the phone and conveying information
viewing myself as a capable and dependable research assistant
I've created fulfilling connections with those in the lab
an environment of cooperation and education
I've realized research is something I'm interested and hope to pursue in graduate school
How transcription can be use in the research process
Jenni is going to be analyzing the different words used in the different speeches
Different speech patterns
It was really interesting to me to see how often I would not acknowledge a filler word in a speech until it was required of me to write it down
What I've Learned From Recruiting
Grew more comfortable using the phone and providing information
prior to this experience talking on the phone gave me intense anxiety
now I feel more at ease and sure of myself when speaking
How to screen individuals appropriately
learned different ways to evaluate eligibility
trial and error to discern age, relationship status, etc.
Learned how to let people down who do not meet the requirements of the study
Recruiting Participants for Cassie's Social Emotion Regulation Study
Recruited older adult participants over the phone
Used the Emotion & Aging Lab's database of older adults
Contacted potential participants and reviewed their eligibility for the study
Setting up a time for them to come in and complete the study
Following up with them before their appointment
reminder that they were scheduled to attend
ensure consent forms were filled out
a picture of their romantic partner was sent in
they knew how to find the lab
Transcribing Videos for Jenni's POSE Thesis
Lab Meetings
As a lab we did many things together at meetings!
read articles relevant to emotion and aging
learned additional lab ethics
listened to different presentations and critiqued them
did a workshop around Qualtrics
What I've Learned From Transcribing
How the transcription process works
I was very excited to try this task but I had never done it before
The time it takes to transcribe an entire video vs. the actual length of the video
The concentration it takes to pick up every word and filler word
The steps put in place to prevent mistakes from occurring
Another research assistant has to verify the transcript is correct
What I've Learned From Attending Lab Meetings
I've learned the general basics about emotions and aging
original emotion recognition paradigm
happy, sad, anger, surprise, fear, disgust, neutral
Contributing to discussion to strengthen presentations
Thinking critically about articles we read as a lab
Learning what Qualtrics is and what it's used for
how to create my own survey using Qualtrics
Transcribed participant's five minute long speeches
Verified the transcripts written by other research assistants
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