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Graduate Program Assignment 3: Fleet Management

No description

scott veniot

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Graduate Program Assignment 3: Fleet Management

Fleet Management Graduate Program
Assignment 3 Inventory Counts Inventory Counts Conclusion BOXX Edmonton Fleet: (November 7, 2012) Inventory Counts BOXX Texas Branches BOXX Stoney Creek Scott Veniot Project Overview BOXX
Inventory Results Houston:
Main Yard: 54/54 100%
Off-site Yard: 13/13 100% Austin:
Main Yard: 72/72 100%
Off-site Yard: 23/23 100% Lewisville:
Main Yard: 147/147 100%
Sales Yard: 37/37 100%
Jubilee Yard: 13/13 100% Main Yard: 151/151 100% Inconsistencies BOXX Edmonton:
Due to recent issues, fleet management process could not be properly followed
Tracking of fleet outside SAP

BOXX Texas:
Very thorough fleet management process
Manual intensive process
Great results

BOXX Stoney Creek:
SAP Fleet count report is being used reconciled via yard counts and matrix
No work arounds being created Reporting Method: SAP Fleet count report Reporting method: Updated excel spreadsheets and yard maps How do we currently perform on-going monthly inventory reconciliations? How can we provide a more consistent method of monthly reconciliations? Monthly Matrix CURRENTLY Inconsistencies Equipment
by type Weighted
Rates Unit
Transfers Capital
Pending Fleet
Insurance Current Process Current Process Issues Initially: 242 units were unaligned on Fleet Count Report Fleet Count Report was not updated since Field Vu implementation BOXX Edmonton Fleet Reconciliation: Completed January 2013 Lengthy manual reconciliation process of multiple reports NEW PROCESS Asset Validation Report Improvements Matrix currently lacks definition Purpose Report provided to executive team used as an analytical decision making tool Lack of consistency in reporting - Different reports being used to generate matrix
- Different metrics being reported on matrix Provides asset and process validation for each division New report provides a clear, standardized report Can Encompasses the needed info for the fleet matrix Diminishes manual reconciliations Diminishes cross-referencing multiple reports Recommendations Implement Asset Validation report across divisions F.I.T Group to host tutorial for division admin staff Weighted utilization rate should be reported Define which metrics will be reported on new report Gain understanding of fleet management processes and inventory requirements: Reconcile fleet reports to yard inventories visited - Identify required changes Recommend improvements and a process for on-going monthly reconciliations - Map current monthly reconciliation process - Identify inconsistencies or issues - Recommend improvements Fleet Management Workflow - Map current fleet management workflow - Link workflow to exisiting fleet management flow charts Identify third party yards - Provide risk assessment - Identify issues and recommend improvements Fleet Management Workflow Goal: - Create a template/ideal state for fleet management process Use: - Provides definition of process - Allowing for process analysis and improvement by F.I.T team - Can be used as a training tool Recommended Improvements SAP location and status -Third party yard location - Lease location - Serviced/Unserviced Third party yard: rental agreements Third Party Yards Locations:
- Austin, Houston, ThunderBay
- Grande Prairie, Estevan, FSJ, ND, Manitoba Yards: 14 With contract: 3 Without contract: 11 Total number of units: 242 NBV: $4,866,728.50 Replacement Value: $6,615,652.00 Reasons for Discrepancies 1. Turnover and lack of resources: - Fleet administrator: vacant for 6 months - Division administrator: vacant for 3 months - Contract administrator: vacant for 2 months 2. Blanket AFE's: - Caused tracking of fleet outside SAP - Fleet units being changed to custom sale last minute - Tracking and assigning unit #'s - Edmonton became hub 3. FA Issues: - Linking FA to incorrect SND - Transfers not being made Potential Risks 1. Seizure of assets 2. Insurance coverage amount 3. Insurance liability - If a rental yard were to forclose - Current coverage is $15 million for assets sitting in any one yard -Example: Terrain Metals Project - Personal injury coverage SAP Location and Status Currently SAP categorizes assets location by: - 'Branch location' or 'On rent' Capability exists to define asset location by multiple storage yards or by rental location - I.e. Third party yard Once third party yard agreements have been established, they could be tied to specific assets in SAP Required Changes Adding multiple descriptions to the location field in SAP Identifying trigger points for changing the added field F.I.T and IT - Follow up with divisions RFQ Reference Process RFQ Referencing Custom builds: 3 parties involved
1. Black Diamond
2. Client
3. Manufacturer Multiple revisions/editions of RFQ's
- Ensure we are recording and tracking changes Next Steps Replacement value should be reported Creating a user defined field to upload documents
- I.e. third party yard rental agreements Need to standardize the fields in which those 3 reference points are reported - Sales: Would Reference RFQ on project summary

- Admin: References RFQ through SAP
Uploads reference on P.O to the manufacturer
Ensures the RFQ is referenced in T&C's F.I.T's Use Validate flow charts with divisions
Review specific processes with division staff
Highlight inconsistencies/issues with resources and systems
Recommend strategy for improvements to processes
Provide necessary training
Implement process changes Process Definition and Controls - Validate current fleet management process against 'blue-sky' - Branches map current fleet management process - F.I.T group identifies friction/problem areas - F.I.T group recommends process improvements, training requirements, etc. Matrix Reporting - Identify which metrics are required from executive team - Identify which metrics are required divisionally - Standardize the output of the matrix via asset validation report Third Party Rental Agreements - 11 yards without rental agreements in place - Ensure we have proper insurance coverage 1 2 3 4 SAP Asset Location - Continue to add definition to our systems fleet - Add third party yard rental agreements RFQ Reference Points - Simple step to ensure RFQ documentation - Document RFQ's electronically - Eliminate insurance related risks Potential Risks Lack of consistency and process definition amongst branches Turnover or loss of resources = loss of process Consistent process definition and controls are required Provide yard map and inventory
- For major project sites visited Currently A manual intensive process, can take upwards of a day Inconsistent metrics being reported Various reports used to generate matrix - Link workflow to existing fleet management processes - To create a fleet management process workbook
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