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School Work

No description

kyle multerer

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of School Work

Temperate Forest

I would choose to live in a temperate forest. It would provide me with the things I need to survive: food, shelter, water, and a mild climate. Amaranth is a plant found in the temperate forest. Amaranth can be used as food and also has nutritional value. Asparagus is a food source and can be found in the temperate forest. Asparagus is a good source of Vitamin B and calcium. The White-Tailed deer is one of the animals that live in the temperate Forest. This animal provides a good source of food for me to eat. Also I can use the white-tailed deer’s antlers as a weapon to go hunting with. Rabbit is a good and easy source of food to get. I could also to use its furs to make warm hats or gloves. In the temperate forest I would to need to make a shelter because it can get cold during the night. The temperate forest provides most of the resources that I need to make a shelter. I would need to cut down many trees to make a shelter. In order to catch rabbits or other small animals I would need to make traps. In the temperate forest they are plenty of resources that I could use to make trap. The main resource I would need is wood. In order to go hunting I would need a bow and arrow. I also need an axes to cut down trees. I would need to cut down trees to make the shelter that I would live in. The Temperate Forest gets about 30-60 inches of precipitation per year. 30 to 60 inches of rain per year is more than enough water that i need per year to survive. The precipitation can be rainfall or snow. When it snows, it’s a good time to go hunting because it’s easier to track animals. The rain provides fresh water for drinking. The Temperate forest has an average temperature around 50 degrees. This is good for me because I don’t like really hot weather and it’s also suitable so that I don’t have to make really warm coats. The desert would not be good for me because it does not have many of the things I need to survive. It does not get very much rain, it is hot all day and very cold at night. There are not as many animals to hunt and there are fewer plants. The Desert can get up to 104-114 degrees F.
The desert would get around 10 inches of rain per year.
I would not be able to live with that much water. The desert does have edible plants, but they are cacti, and have many thorns. It would be hard to get to the food without getting stuck by them. The desert has many small animals that come out at night. They stay in burrows during the day and would be hard to catch. The End
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