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Home automation

No description

tarik miliani

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Home automation

Home automation

Presentation of the company DOMO-NET
What home automation is?
Synthesis:advantages and drawbacks
2.Presentation of the company
3.What home automation Is?
4.Areas of actions
6.Principle Steps of the research
7.Themes and analysis of data
8.Synthesis:advantages and drawbacks
9.Summary and personal remarks

We are committed to meet the goal of our clientele to achieve the highest standard of living by providing them with the utmost concepts and solutions using the most reliable and renowned products while focusing on the design and quality
To Build the largest specialized techno-lifestyle network globally and become a leader as the Interior Designers of Technology by providing innovative solutions for home and building all available in one roof
Automated indoor and outdoor lighting solutions
Scene controls
Complex macro commands (one command for multiple simultaneous events)
Multi-function touch panel controls
Multi room distributed audio and video
Wired & wireless computer networking solutions, including automation system integration
Home security systems (anti-intrusion, detect gas leaks, floods, fire…)
Sound systems
HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

The simple adjustment of lights, blinds or other devices through a multimedia remote control or a simple touch panel increases the comfort of our space.

How to introduce the home automation concept to the moroccan market?
.Exploratory phase

.Semi-direct interviews

.Two grids (Professionals and residents)

.Dividing the work into themes and analysing data after interviewing our interlocutors

.Lack of sources and theory

.Difficulties of field research:

.Accessibility,Not enough witnesses of home automation

Interests aroused by Home automation
1. Simplified and more comfortable life

2. Energy saving

3. Avoid Boring and repetitive activities

4. Adapt to our desires

5 Security





3.Creation of needs

4.Sociability and communication problems (abusive use)

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Energy saving
Automatic shutdown for all devices (TV,DVD player,routers..)
save up to 11% on monthly electrical costs.

All interactions with the system can be made by Internet or telephone with maximum security and privacy. It allows you to see and listen from the Internet and to even remotely control all the desired electrical equipment.
Presentation of interlocutors
Professional in building (Architect)

Professional in the field (Mr abdul aziz)

Residents :Smires family,Boudrika family
Themes and analysis of data
The Principle steps of the research
Summary and personnal remarks
Indoor and outdoor sensors
Environmental sensors (Kitchen,bathroom...)
Thief protection
Digital video security (Focusing on what matters)
Emergency help ( Elderly people,disabled people...)
Home security lighting (simulate a lived-in look when you are away
Remote locking ( lock your doors from anywhere)
The home automation system will allow us to :
Save our time
save monthly electricity costs
Ease our life and make it secure
But to avoid the drawbacks,we need to use this technology with moderation,and for us as a company ,try to make it simple for all the people in order to manage their homes without dependency on professionals

Well being

Time saving

Energy saving

Characterestics of "future house"


Flexible ( reflection of how we live)

Sociogical problems
Duality between freedom and dependency
Social's link and communication
Thank you for your attention
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