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Life in the colonial times wasn't as easy as you think.

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Stacey Schautz

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Life in the colonial times wasn't as easy as you think.

Life in the colonial times wasn't as easy as you think.
Each family had to do everything on their own, if not, they could go for a long time without what they need.
They exchange food, games, crops, and even get paid to let people use the porta-potties.
We play on our phones
They had to play with jump rope, tennis, swung on swings, scotch hopper, and leap frog.
Schools were small
A group of students had to bunch together on a bench, the school houses were extremely small. They had to bring their own wood for warmth,
The economy was one of the worst struggles.
Everyone had a role in the colonial time. Many of them were under paid, but were still able to afford a family.
Lucky Them
Food didn't coast much, most things coast 50C-80 dollars. But they didn't do much with money, they mainly traded.
Houses weren't so hot either.
They were made out of thatch and timber. The clothes were a simple puritan, the colors were sombre clothing made of wool, linen
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