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Home Network

Customer experience today and tomorrow

Bruno Roth

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Home Network

inform install order use pay get help change / cancel perceive today the customer does
not perceive that there is or he/she has a home network. today there are stand alone experiences (Music, WLAN, Rukus, ...) today mostly this is too complex for the customer. he/she needs external help (installer). tomorrow there is no information necessary. but it can be retrieved from any device. the customer has to do it by her-/himself from A-Z. today tomorrow the home network is already there in the customers house or flat. rented or owned. today mostly, the customer needs external help (installer, HST, colleagues, ...).

n'est-ce pas?
there is
"no plug just play". tomorrow unknowingly. the customer does not have it under control. today tomorrow under contol (im Griff). the home network is part of the social network or rather vice versa. today the customer has to pay or what he needs (not bad) e.g. hardware, access, installation, ... one price, fix an the customer has everything he/she needs. tomorrow the customer has to look online, search in forums, faq, search for hotline numbers, call HST, ... today Swisscom actively helps the customer. we know (and solve) the problem before or at least when the customer calls. tomorrow today the customer can only change the internet access provider. and that's easy. tomorrow the customer can still change the internet access provider but the customer relatedness is extremely high (home / social network, GUI, data, ...) Home Network customer experience today and tomorrow tomorrow the customer perceives home networking as a matter of course like water or heating in the house or in the flat.
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