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Walk Along Walk Through

No description

Erika Neilson

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Walk Along Walk Through

Phase One
Phase Two
The Bell Let's Talk Youth Impact Project: Walkalong.ca
Walkalong advisory committee
surveys n=521 and interviews n=36
the Jibe
Beta Test
Contact Us:
Home Page
The Newsroom
The Locker
The Life Chart
WalkAlong is a portal designed to empower youth by providing tools to assess and manage their mental health within a positive online community environment.

Our Vision: To empower all youth to take control of their mental health.

Our Mission: Providing evidence-based technological solutions to improve accessibility, quality, and capacity of mental health care.

Our Values:

Expertise: Treatment and support should be based on evidence and expert opinion.
Empathy: The most effective care starts with listening, understanding, accepting, and respecting the individual.
Empowerment: When in the driver’s seat and treated with empathy, a person can build on their own strengths while accessing expertise and being supported by a community.
online survey
76 Responses

we always welcome more advisory committee members!
Walkalong ideas:
walkalong advisory commitee
integrated feedback into the site
outreach, school visits, days like today
online advertising
social media

ways to build community in different phases
Let's Review what you thought!
We would love to know what you think....pick a feature!
Self Help Exercises
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