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No description

Kendra Barnett

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Censorship

Censorship Kendra Barnett English 2 Maya Angelou "We are the victims of the world's most comprehensive robbery.
Life demands a balance. It's all right if we do a little robbing now."
- Maya Angelou, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Chapter 29

Maya Angelou, is one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time. Elie Weisel Elie (Eliezer) Wiesel is a novelist, journalist and
Nobel Prize winner. He was born an Orthodox
Jew in Rumania, survived the concentration
camps and wrote about his experiences. He
became a spokesman for survivors and
dedicated his life to recording the horrors of
the Holocaust and helping victims of oppression and racism.


2 Books Being Compared: Night I Know Why the Caged
Bird Sings About I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Analyzing, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, this book gave explicit information about her sexual abuse. The way this book talks about how Marguerite, was raped, and how she had to continue through living life, knowing she was raped and she couldn’t tell a soul. Being sexually abused can be a lot for one child; your not knowing what is really going on and they feel as if, its all just fun and play when its not, it’s a crime. –Angel Fire.

<http://www.angelfire.com/vt2/UnitedStudents/why.html> I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings: The book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Is a book that takes you to the life of Maya Angelous childhood. It really goes trough alot of emotions and the characters are so real and and life like. This book goes by so fast and the characters are so real it feel like you are watching a movie. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone above the age of thirteen it has something that can grab you and suck you into this women's extraordinary life.
"His shoulders were so wide I thought he'd have trouble getting through the door. He was taller than anyone i had ever seen,...his clothes were too small too. They were tighter and woolier than was customary in stamps. And he was blindingly handsome. The Plot The plot continued

This is a quote by maya Angelo describing her father the first time she sees him. The description for me really made this man come to life it left room for me to imagine his face but it really shaped his character and how he was. Maya does this throughout the book creating a characters character but leaving you room to imagine the rest. This really allows the characters to come to life. When you first meet a character in this book she medially describes them setting a tone of the character. I know when I read a book and the writer brings in a character and describes there description later it really messes up my first impression of that character. http://www.amazon.com/Know-Why-Caged-Bird-Sings/dp/B000W6LDVC
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