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Sumerian prezi

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Cait Kruse

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Sumerian prezi

Sumerians Landscape and Geography Art and Architecture of Sumer Ancient Mesopotamians invented the wheel, studied the stars and other heavenly bodies, and achieved important developments in mathematics, medicine, and Architecture. They built cites, made advances in art and literature and were the first people to develop a legal code''. The developments of science in Sumer was rivaled only by the development of the arts. Music was extremely important to the Sumerians. Upper Mesopotamia was called Akkad, from the powerful Akkadian empire. This area was in the middle of Iraq and Syria. As a result of people migrating into Sumer. That made it harder to establish a central govermant. Through out Sumerian history there have been different rulers in Mesopotamia. gods and goddess Sumerian Enlil, god of air and storms;
Enki, lord of water and wisdom;
Ninhursag, goddess, mother earth;
Nanna ,maybe a moon god;
Inanna, goddes of love and war
Ki, goddess of earth
Nammu, goddess of the Primeval sea
An, god of the heavens Rulers Sumerian cities history " Adab, Eridu, Isin, Kish, Kullab, Lagash, Larsa, Nippur, Ur and many many more. Clothing The Sumerians had a good way to make clothes because they used the materials around them like wool and flax plants. Men wore clothing tied at their waste and were usually bald. They also wore types of jewelery we wear today. Women wore clothing from their neck to their ankles and wore the same kind of jewelery as the men. They would braid their hair and wrap it around their heads. Royalty wore the same kind of clothing except more high quality material. Laws If a family member says to another family member, "you are not a part of this family", the best punishment would be getting your hair cut off. The worst punishment would be being thrown into a river. If a person offers a service to the king and does not come he will be put to death. Many other laws have to do with damages and rights to property. The Sumerian court system is almost the same as what we do today. more goddesses and gods Ama or Arhus, fertility goddess
Ashnan, grain goddess
Damkina, earth mother goddess
Gula, healing and patron of medicine
Nanshe, fishing, justice, prophecy, and fertility goddess
Nicuba, learning to write and astrology
Ningal, goddess of reeds
Ninlil, goddess of air
Sarpanit, goddess of sheep
Utu, sun god
ningal, saja, ba'al, drayon, nergal, tammuz, anu, aghat, marduk The first Sumerian ruler was Etana. Meskiaggasher followed, who was succeeded by his son Enmerkar. Then came Lugalbanda, a military leader. After that Enmebaragesi became the leading ruler of Sumer, followed by his son Agga. He was defeated by Mesanepada. Then came Gilgamesh. Early Literature The Epic of Gilgamesh Ziggurat Here is a ziggurat (holy mountain), topped with a temple. This was an impressive structure and was the center of every Sumerian city. Language The early written language was called cuneiform. The Sumerians used to read and write from top to bottom, but eventually they began to read and write from left to right. From 3000 B.C. to 1000 B.C., the symbols changed from more curves to lines and arrows. The Sumerian language was one of the longest used languages and the oldest written language. Population War and Slavery art Sumerian artists created daggers, statues, and plaques out of imported gold and copper. Treasures of Sumer Other statues and figurines were carved out of stone. Gold headdresses set with precious gems, gold earrings, and magnificent necklaces have been uncovered from Sumerian royal tombs as well. Sumer was an early civilization that had industry, creativity, and splendor. crops The rich soil produced lots of barley, emmer (a kind of wheat), beans, olives, grapes, and flax. For the first time there was a surplus to feed city workers such as artists, craftsmen, and merchants. temples Each Sumerian city rose up around the shrine of a local god. As a reflection of the city's wealth, its temple became an elaborate structure. The temple buildings stood on a spacious raised platform reached by staircases and ramps. From the platform rose the temple tower, called a ziggurat (holy mountain). housing Before Sumerians started building larger houses of mud brick they made houses of bundles of reeds. The houses of the Sumerians were very close together, but all of the people of Mesopotamia put walls to separate their houses. Most of the houses of Sumerians had no windows. Richer people had homes shaped like a U with a garden in the middle. When the Sumerians arrived in 4th millennium B.C they found two groups of people,one they called archeologist. They created a city called Ur which had a population of 24,000 people. Education Schools for Sumerians were challenging. The children went to Temple Schools. They used clay tablets as there note books. Any mistakes the children made could be smoothed out. They had to learn there challenging language Cuneiform. The children study arithmetics. The Sumerians came up with the word dozen, because it was a fifth of 60 and sixes were there units instead of one. They also came up with the division of the clock measuring hours, minutes and seconds. There was no coined money. instead they had silver. How ever much it weighed was how much it was worth. FAMOUS PEOPLE Enki was a god but he was very famous . He came from a line of very famous people the sumerians believed. They believed his father was the king of the universe. They believed that he was the big brother of the gods. He brought full prosperity to Sumer he was there king. Sumerian kings sent men out to kill people in Hill country, and they were aqquirred slaves.The Sumerians name for female was Mountain Girl, and the name for slave boys was Mountain Boy. The Sumerians used there slaves mostly for Domestics. Slaves were captured and then sent out to capture other slaves. After you were king you had to become a soldier. The soldiers dressed in helmets, shining armor and had long swords.Then the soldiers went and fought in the wars. The wars were usually far away from Sumer. Sumerians went and fought in the war in
there armor that they called shining armor. Sumerian king list is an ancient text int the Sumerian language listing kings from Sumerian and Foriegn dynasties. Some of the other dynasties are may be mythical,and only few of the early names are authineticated (authineticated means proven to be real) by archeology. The best known dynasty,that of Lagash,is not listed there at all. The Sumerian kings made a list.The TIME LINE 5000 b.c - Sumer moved in to Mesopotamia.
4000 b.c - The population of Sumer was going up.
3000 b.c - political war and rivalry.The sumerians had mathematical issues.
3200 b.c - The Sumerians began to use wheels. The Sumerians started making pictures.
3300 b.c - The Sumerians invented the first writing.
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