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No description

Érika Nóbrega

on 20 February 2018

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Transcript of OTAN

NATO is an acronym for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a political or military alliance that was created April 4, 1949 with the passing of the Cold War, this gathering, capitalists and Western countries led by the USA.
When was NATO created?
The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington DC on April 4, 1949 and ratified by the United States in August.
Where WAS NATO founded?
The headquarters of NATO is located in Brussels, Belgium, one of the 28 member countries throughout North America and Europe, and the newest (Albania and Croatia) have joined forces in April 2009.
Where is the head office?
While promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts (without war) NATO is a military institution prepared to go to war. Its missions try to restore peace and ensure global security.
What Does the Institution Do?
What is the symbol of NATO?

History of the Constitution

Some Things about NATO
The Power of NATO
Oral presentation made by:
Daniela Silva nº6
Inês Monteiro nº11
Érika Nóbrega nº23
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