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Palm Tree

No description

suhaila alali

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Palm Tree

Chemistry Science Fair. Secrets Of The Palm Tree Done By : Add to what is known since ancient palm of the benefits of medical and food, also known role in deodorants and protect crops and reduce pollution. How does it benefits our environment The trimmed fruit stalks are used as brooms. They are also used  for making ropes and belts.

The palm heart (terminal bud) may be eaten raw as a salad or as a cooked vegetable resembling an artichoke heart.

The Date palm provides protection from wind and cool shelter in hot and dry climate. This tree is ideal as a picnic spot Improves blood circulation

Protects against heart disease

Protects against cancer

Improves blood sugar control

Improves nutrient absorption and vitamin and mineral status

Supports healthy lung function

Helps strengthen bones and teeth

Supports eye health Palm oil has been used as both a food and a medicine for thousands of years. Suhaila Al Ali
Rawdha Al Mahri
Shurooq Al Jaberi
Khadija Al Hosani
Asala Al Jaberi
Mozna Al Reyami
Fatima Al Zaabi
Mariam Al Junaibi
Khulood Al Ameri Introduction: Ages ago, The Date Palm trees had a special position
for man. It was the symbol of life and fertility. It's fruits
contain an integrated healthy food. From it's palm fronds
man made homes and houses, where as from it's various
parts were used to produce a number of items and products. Palm Tree In U.A.E “The United Arab Emirates is not one of the countries best known for its agricultural production. When speaking about the country, people generally think about the skyscrapers of Dubai and about the oil of Abu Dhabi. But the country stands out at least in one product of the countryside, or desert—dates. Here, there are 40 million date trees, among them trees that are growing and producing.” Palm Tree & Our Culture: * The dates palm tree is a very valuable tree in the U.A.E and they called it the tree of life. Date Palm Culture exists in the U.A.E since several thousand years ago as apart of the Gulf ecosystem, from which date palm was propagated around the world. Moreover, it's one of the most important resources of life in the United Arab Emirates in the past. People who lived in the U.A.E were depending on the palm trees to stay alive! . * An indication of the importance of palms in ancient times is that they are mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible,[19] and at least 22 times in the Quran. Sheikh Zayed.. Known for his love of nature and keenness to preserve the environment, Sheikh Zayed focused, in his first actions as ruler of Abu Dhabi,on the promotion of agriculture and the spreading of greenery to curb desertification. What does it represent in UAE? *(Fertility and pride).
*While Palm always found surrounding Oasis, it was a sign for food and water. With its great height without bowing down, it is also used to symbolize pride and dignity. Parts of the Palm Tree Leaves: Trunk: Flowers: Fruits: The leaves of the Palm are very
large and are known as fronds. Most Palms feature tall, cylindrical trunks that look
very similar to a columns or pillars. In some types,
the trunk includes hooked prickles, while others
boast smooth trunks with very few markings. Palm tree flowers are small and
insignificant. They range in color from
yellowish-green to light green and
typically feature six stamens, though
some Palm tree types have blossoms
with twice as many of the stick-like
offshoots. Palm fruits vary in size, color and character; however, the
most recognizable is the coconut. The hard, brown fruit has a
brown shell and an edible white interior. Other Palms produce
a berry-like fruit with a fleshy rind that covers a hard kernel Advantages of Palm Tree Dates may be considered as an
almost ideal food, providing a wide range
of essential nutrients and potential
health benefits. One quarter cup of natural dry palm
dates that have been pitted and chopped contain about 120 calories. They have virtually no fat, sodium or cholesterol content, meaning that the calories you consume from dates contain primarily beneficial nutrients, with very little in the way of harmful dietary components. That quarter cup of pitted dates contains about 1 g of protein, which is roughly 2 percent of your recommended daily intake. The dates also contain about 35 g of total carbohydrates, along with about 3 g of dietary fiber. That is about 15 percent of your daily recommended intake for fiber. The vitamins that are the most richly present in palm dates are the B complex vitamins. Palm tree in Bedouins Life The relationship of the bedu with their palm trees is as important as that between man and his camel. Even though both date palm and dromedary cannot be considered to be truly wild now, it was the bedu that tamed both and put them to good use for his daily life. Whereas the camel provided housing, clothing and useful objects (besides meat and milk) to the bedu of the desert; the palm tree did almost the same for the bedu of the plantations in the oases and along the coast. Palm tree trunks supported the roofs of the lovely mudbrick castles and towers. The ribs of the palm leaves were used to weave the walls of the huts or to provide the floating bulk of the interesting small fishing boats, called shasha. The garghour or domed fishing traps were also made from these palm leaf ribs before the advent of nylon and plastic. Dried palm leaves were tied together to make barusti, which was (and is) used for a multitude of purposes: shades, roofs, separating walls, and making enclosures. The fibre on the tree trunk was collected and used to make rope or to weave baskets, mats and the typical pyramid-shaped covers that protect food from flies. Old Uses Of Palm Trees They used their dates as food. Their leaves, placed in rows, are used for fishing in shallow sea-waters. They are also used for making ropes and belts. Leaves were used for making huts. They were used for making home equipment Modern Uses Of Palm Tree Used for fruit production. Used for timber production Used for production of tools and houses Used for medicines Significance of palm trees
highlighted at festival * Abu Dhabi: Date palm trees have played a significant role in the development of the UAE's sustainability because of the wide range of products that can be developed not only from the date, but from the trees themselves, it was revealed at the Fourth International Date Palm Festival. * The significance of dates and date palm trees is being highlighted throughout the festival, with participants displaying various date or date tree products, as well as details about the techniques used to cultivate them. * Organizers also provided a number of competitions and workshops designed to raise awareness about dates. Man-Made Islands The plam tree island provides a close-up view from 600 kilometres away in space of the massive artificial Palm Island Jumeirah, currently taking shape in the Gulf of Arabia just off Dubai. Designed as a prestige residential and relaxation area, the reef-like complex is built in the shape of a palm tree: it has a 17-frond crown around which is arranged a crescent, the back of which serves as a breakwater. The crown is connected to the mainland by a 300-metre bridge. Owners are due to begin occupying their properties by the end of 2005. Competition for palm tree 748 Photos competes for the Love of the Date Palm Tree Dubai Municipality organizes lecture entitled Palm food building Is considered an excellent source of thermal energy to the human body, and this is due to the content of diabetes, as they contain approximately 80% of the fresh weight sugars There were many books written about palm tree which includes: An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms

Betrock’s Essential Guide to Palms

Climate Plants for Cooler Areas Importance of Microclimate When Choosing Cold Hardy Palms Palm Tree and chemistry Oman’s chemists use palm leaves for water treatment:

Date palm leaves — currently a waste product of date farming — could be used to remove pharmaceutical chemicals and dyes from hospital waste water, say researchers from Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) in Oman.

The team has been working to produce 'dehydrated carbon', a greener alternative to 'activated carbon', which is widely used in water filtration even though its production is a polluting process as it is usually derived from charcoal and requires the use of high temperatures.

Using dehydrated carbon made from waste date leaves instead is greener, cheaper and more sustainable, the scientists say. Do You Know These Facts ? Date Palm Culture exists in the UAE since several thousand years ago as apart of the Gulf ecosystem, from which date palm was propagated around the world.
Date Palm plays an important socio-economical role in the UAE. Before Oil discovery, date palm was used for all purposes
The UAE date harvest area has jumped from less than 60 ha in 1971 to 31,005 ha in 1996 (48 times). Date palms are dioecious: female flowers produce the fruit and male flowers produce the pollen. Two good male palms will usually produce enough pollen to pollinate about fifty female palms.
Thanks to the wise instructions and great concern of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan, the UAE President, the UAE annual date production has jumped from less than 8,000 metric tonnes (MT) in 1971 to more than 140,000 MT in 1995 (30 times) and to 500,000 MT in 2000. Do Palm Trees Hold the Key to Immortality? For centuries, humans have been exploring, researching, and, in some cases, discovering how to stave off life-threatening diseases, increase life spans, and obtain immortality. Biologists, doctors, spiritual gurus, and even explorers have pursued these quests -- one of the most well-known examples being the legendary search by Ponce de León for the "Fountain of Youth." Yet the key to longevity may not lie in a miraculous essence of water, but rather in the structure and function of cells within a plant -- and not a special, mysterious, rare plant, but one that we may think of as being quite commonplace, even ordinary: the palm Carnauba wax Palm wood Rattan cane Palm syrup Dates Oil Palm trees has many fruits that raise the economy, like: Benefits of Palm sugar: Natural sweetener Cooking Health benefits Benefits for hair Palm sugar is nutrient rich. It has a number of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients including zinc, potassium and vitamins. It is never bleached or refined Its flavor is similar to a combination of brown sugar and molasses It has several nutrients and it is also a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. Packed with vitamin A and vitamin E, red palm oil is the perfect remedy for those who suffer from hair problems. Palm seeds The seeds produced by the date palm have been used as food for horses, cattle, camels, sheep and goats.
The seeds can also be burned to make charcoal. The chemical composition of the seeds allows them to be used to create oxalic acid. Palm tree leave The Date palm tree leaves are used for basketry and wickerwork. Mats, baskets and fans may be wowed from the leaves. The fibers provide mooring and rigging for ships. They are may be made into nets. Leaves may be used for making huts.  Palm tree fruit stalk Palm tree trunk The trunk may be used for timber for rafters, doors, jetties, bridges and aqueducts. It is also may be used as fuel. 11-01 Palm Tree
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