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Writing a Thesis Statement

No description

Kathy Franklin

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Writing a Thesis Statement

Regardless of how many paragraphs your essay contains,
you must have a thesis statement.
The Thesis Statement
What is a thesis statement?
It's usually the last sentence of the first paragraph...but it's acceptable anywhere in the first paragraph.
It's the one sentence that controls
every aspect of your essay.
This one sentence is like a roadmap for your essay.
It helps you, the writer, plan, and helps the reader stay on your path.
You are promising your reader that your essay is about the ideas, arguments, analysis, and/or information contained in your thesis.
Your thesis will always contain an opinion (not just facts).
Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale -
Little Red Riding Hood is an interesting fairy tale that explains why children should not talk to strangers-
The following chart should serve as a
guideline anytime you write an essay. If your
thesis contains all three parts of the "formula,"
you should be ready to write.
Final thoughts: when you are
struggling with how to expand your thoughts so that your essay is well developed, go back into your thesis and see if it needs development.
Remember, an essay without a
thesis is like a car without an engine.
It won't go anywhere!
With this one sentence,
you enter into a contract
with your reader.
School lunches
ignore basic nutritional guidelines,
resulting in poorly focused students.
Cell phone usage by students
should not be permitted,
because it leads to massive assignment failures.
More examples
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