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Login and Password Help

Learn: where to log in or create an account, what to do if you've forgotten your password and how to change your password. Click the rectangle in the bottom right corner to view larger in full screen mode.

Shipco Transport

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Login and Password Help

How do I log in?
What if I forgot my password?
How do I change my password? Login and Password Help How do I log in? How do I change my password? Reminder: You can log in to Shipco.com in several places: What if I forget my password? 1) If you forgot your password simply click “Forgot Password” in any of the 3 areas listed above to log in. 3) To update your password, enter your old password, then select and confirm a new password in the spaces below. Click the button “Update Profile” to save changes. There is no need to create a new account for our new design. You can continue to log in with the same user name and password that you are comfortable and familiar with. 1)Above the dark blue menu bar found at the top right of each page, you will see box labeled “Login” with a small arrow next to it. Click the arrow and enter username and password information. If you are a new user click “Register here”. 2) In the center of the homepage under “Manage Your Account,” simply enter your existing username and password or click “Register Now” if you are a new user. 3) If you try to perform any activities that require you to be logged in, a pop up will appear prompting you to log in. You can log in directly through that pop up by entering your existing username and password, or clicking “Create Account” if you are a new user. Subject: Email
Example: 3) An email will be sent to you with an automatically generated password. 2) Enter your user name and click "Email Password." You'll see the below pop up message indicating that your request was processed. user@shipco.com See the next step to learn how to reset your password. user@shipco.com Please note: to change your password you must be able to log in. If you cannot log in, begin by following the steps outlined above for a forgotten password. 1) To begin look above the dark blue menu bar found at the top right of each page. Pre-login you will see a box labeled “Login” with a small arrow next to it. Once you are logged in, your username will display in this area instead of the word “Login”. Click the small arrow. (A drop down menu with the options “Edit Profile” and “Logout” will appear.) 2) Click “Edit Profile” Note: if you are resetting your forgotten password, for “Old Password” you are required to enter the temporary password sent to you via email, not your previously forgotten password. Easy as 1-2-3! Also... Per Shipco's E-Commerce User Policy, Logins may NOT be shared or created for multiple users. Each individual should have his or her own account assigned to them personally.

-Protect the integrity of the information entered

-Protect the privacy of your company should any employees with access to a shared account depart

- And allow each user the ability to customize his or her account. This regulation is in place to:
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