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Future Technology

No description

Kez Beckerleg

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of Future Technology

Future Technology See what the human race can be capable of... The technology of today is so different to what people had three decades ago.
The mobile phone for example is so different. the first phone looked like a
brick let alone had apps and touch sensitive screens. You think its good now... Just think of all the amazing inventions that we
have today. Within the next 10 years the technology we have today will
be considered "old"! with voice recognition technology underway
soon we could only have to speak and our phone orders the shopping! Imagine what we could
have in the next 10 years.... The very way we live our lives will be changed within the next 50 years Life as we know it... The way we entertain ourselves, the way we live in the home, the way we work, the way we study e.t.c Family life will change forever What is there to expect in the future? We can expect a new way of living with technology advances at its highest to date Future Home Future Bedroom The future kitchen will be different. for all we know we could be using nanotechnology to create food out of thin air! The future of sleep is looking quite
different to what we know now. Most people have ideas about what bedrooms will look like but get this:
a bed has already been designed that has :
An internet connection, either through wifi or ethernet
An entire audio-visual system with an HD video projector and 5-point audio system that includes drivers mounted beneath the mattress—hook up an iPod, watch cable TV or DVDs or stream media online.
Mechanized curtains and a drop-down screen that can be used to completely enclose the mattress.
LED lighting under, above and around the bed

Future Kitchen Communication is a massive business and is now on an industrial scale. At the moment we have smartphones, blackberries and loads of others. But what would you think of having a virtual conversation with someone? Technology is being produced so that a holographic version of the person you are talking to will appear in front of you. Future Communication So Advances in Technology -
Good or Bad? I think that advances in technology will
definitely stun us. We will always need to be
careful that we dont get lazy because technology
can do everything for us! But we have to be open minded - 50 years ago phones were alien -
look now every person in this room owns a
mobile phone - right?! Overall i really like Prezi. I think that the software is very good and useful. I am most pleased with the overall way it presents my work and the format of zooming is very appealing. I think it appeals to my target audience which was people my age. It has a lot of visual aids that catch people's eyes and on peer assessment i was told that there was a good amount of pictures. I would probably change the way it deals with pictures because you can't copy and paste - which can get frustrating. Compared to PowerPoint i really like Prezi and the way it presents my work as i said earlier it makes it more interesting. Evaluation of Prezi Most of the new technology that we have now and are planning to have in the future have come from scientific-fiction novels and creations. The modern flip phone was first used as a prop in 'Star Trek' as a telecommunicator. The holographic communicator you have just found out about is used in 'Star Wars' and 'Doctor Who'. Most of the things we have today (voice recognition, touch screens e.t.c) were first 'dreamed up' in sci-fi. So even if you don't like them you have to thank the creators of those novels and films for first thinking of the comforts we live with today. Notice anything?
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