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5 Concepts Project

Post World War II, Containment Policy, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Collapse of Communism.

Kristen Lowery

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of 5 Concepts Project

5 Concepts Project Post World War II Containment Policy Korean War Vietnam War Collapse of Communism People Involved People Involved People Involved People Involved People Involved -Harry Truman
-Dwight Eisenhower
-Lyndon Johnson -Joseph Stalin
-Mao Zedong
-Hirohito -Nato: An alliance of countries from
North America and Europe that were non-communist.
-Truman Doctine: A policy that was made for
the purpose of the U.S.supporting Greece and
Turkey with economic and military aid.
-CIA: Undercover attacks Terms Terms Terms Terms -Nikita Khrushchev
-Mikhail Gorbachav
-Ronald Reagan Terms -38th Parallel: A line that separated
North and South Korea.
-Inchon: U.S. Troops landed here to
relieve pressure on the Pusan.
-United Nations: Made the decision
to take action. -Kim Il-Sung
-Chang Myon
-Shigeru Yoshida -Communism: Consumed Eastern Europe and was
ruled by dictators.
-Capitalism: Democratic Government
-Cold War: War between U.S. and U.S.S.R. -Richard Nixon
-Douglas MacArthur
-Ho Chi Minh -Detente: cooling of the Cold War
-Star Wars: Treaty between U.S. and
U.S.S.R. to limit # of atomic weapons.
-Fall of Berlin Wall; Germany United -17th Parallel: The line that separated
North and South Vietnam.
-Ho Chi Minh Trails: Trail for vietcong to get supplies.
-Vietnam Memorial: a memorial in Washington
D.C. supporting the troops that were killed.
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