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Leone Lattes

No description

marion rodriguez

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Leone Lattes

Leone Lattes
Case #1
Leone lattes had a case where a guy returned home from a trip and had blood on his shirt. His wife accused him of cheating but the man said he didn't cheat it was either his own blood or blood from the meat shop. He tested the blood and found out that the blood was human and it was type O which was the guys blood type.
Case #2
Leone Lattes had another case where a guy was was accused of homicide because he had lots of blood on his coat. Leone Lattes tested the blood from the guys coat and the victim. He found out that the blood on the coat was type O while the victims blood was type A. Therefore the guy was safe and wasn't accused of possible homicide.
ABO blood group
In 1915 Dr. Leone Lattes developed a method for determining the ABO blood group systems in humans and for forensic purposes. He did this by finding a way to use saline solution(an isotonic solution of sodium chloride and distilled water) to restore dried blood to its liquid form. Today, tests for the ABO antibodies in bloodstains are called lattes tests. But other methods were developed leaving Lattes test as backup or confirmatory method to determine blood type in dried bloodstains.
The impact of this changed forensic science forever. By discovering that blood could be organized into different groups and could be used to identify a person made it easier to find suspects. It was easier because you can determine who's blood it is at a crime scene. The methods are still used today and are more advanced than ever thanks to Leone Lattes.
Who is Leone Lattes? he is an Italian Scientist who was born in 1887. He studied blood and found out how he can test blood stains and blood types of certain people. In 1916 he discovered blood type A, B, AB or O from dried blood.

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