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Michael Jackson

No description

Thomas Zembowicz

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson The Physics of The Moonwalk Friction Torque Defying Physics Mg Fn2 Fn1 Ff2 Ff1 The Lean Friction: the force between two objects that opposes the direction of motion
Two types:
Static, μFn≥Ff
Kinetic, μFn=Ff Torque: a force that causes a rotation around a pivot point
The pivot is at Michael's toes
Forces acting on Jackson
Fg at his center of mass
Fn at the pivot point
At the lowest point of the lean, the torques around the toes must be equal for equilibrium
No force counters the mg, so MJ would fall mg Fn Torque Fn1 Fn2 Mg Ff1 Ff2 d1 d2 Calculations Angular Momentum Givens:
mass: 55kg
height: 1.8m
distance from toes to steel plate: 0.25m mg Fn Fshoes τ =F*d
Στ =0
Mgd1=Fn2d2 mg= 55 * 10 = 550N

Στ = 0
mg * d1 + Fshoes * d2 = 0
550 * 0.9 = Fshoes * 0.25
495 = Fshoes * 0.25

Fshoes = 1980N Fn1+Fn2=Mg

Ff1>Ff2 if Michael is to move backwards Angular momentum = mass * velocity * radius = mvr

Angular momentum is always conserved,so if the radius is decreased, the velocity must increase if mass stays constant
m1v1r1=m2v2r2 Friction So to increase the force of friction, the only way is to increase the normal force Mg=Fn1+Fn2 Mg=(Fn2*d2)/d1 (Fn2*d2)/d1-Fn1=Fn2 A downward force must be supplied on the heel to stop MJ from falling.
But how...? Magic Shoes MJ = "King of Pop
Known for his incredible dance moves
Applies knowledge of physics to move in ways that appear challenge what's possible d2 mg d1 Fn Angular Velocity is defined as the radians of a circle a particle travels per unit time

When Michael brings his arms in and grabs his belt, he spins faster due to a reduced radius Angular Velocity The Spin
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