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SSL Super Hire

No description

Thomas Lapa

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of SSL Super Hire


The products that SSL Super Hire offers are the highest quality and rarest super cars available. The customers will hire from us because we have good quality supercars at affordable prices. For a small amount of extra money a driver will send the car to your desired location.


We chose Essendon airport because you are able to buy a hanger and we will be able to hold the vehicles there. This can and will act as the showroom. Also you are able to test the cars on the freeway before hiring. The cars will get to the customers in 2 ways: The customers can come to the showroom and pick their car on location, or they can look online and get the car delivered to your desired location. If the car is delivered, the customer cannot take a test drive because the test track is outside the showroom.

Essendon airport
Staffing Structure
Mission Statement

Here at SSL Super Hire, we strive to give ordinary people the chance to drive extraordinary vehicles.
Our goal is to provide.
The Victorian community a chance to drive these rare cars,
To expand and create more facilities worldwide.

SSL Super Hire
Business Plan

The three founding members are the big decision makers up the top. There are Head of Departments for Finance & Operations, Maintenance and the Product. These three people make most of the decisions inside their designated areas. They each have a secretary as they have to look after their entire division.


There is a Staff Performance Manager who makes sure everyone is hitting their targets and staying on task. There are multiple accountants because the company has to make sure they are in a financially successful position and ensure everyone is being paid a fair amount as to their contribution and task.


There are 5 engineers because they are needed to look after the cars after being hired. The cars may need a service which the engineers will do. There is a car cleaner who cleans the cars before and after they are hired out. There is a janitor who looks after the showroom and keeps it nice and clean. There is also a handyman who will fix lightbulbs or the plumbing.


There are 10 salesman to get people to hire cars from us. They will also go out on the test drives with potential customers. There are 2 advertising consultants who will meet with the board on occasion to present new ideas about advertising for the company. There are 2 drivers to get cars out to people if they want them delivered.

Ownership structure
SSL super hire is a private company, we have chosen to be private due to the advantages and disadvantages that this will give us our company.

We have full control over the company without share holders telling us what to do.
Being private is cheaper to start up so we have more funds to work with the cars.
Being private means we don't have to worry about the company's value changing on stock markets.

Being a private company means we are receiving less funds because there are limited shareholders.
If there is a disagreement it will be harder to resolve without lots of people making the decisions.

Ownership structure
Marketing Plan

SSL's target market is mid 20's, middle income people. The geographical of the location suits our needs, there is a highway next to our store where you can use the cars with speed. The psycho graphic of SSL are honest, outgoing people who are willing to pay for an exciting experience.
Target market

The major competitors in this business are Red Balloon, Adrenaline. The business market is vehicle hire. Their advantages would be a different type of hire and thrills like skydiving and v8 rides. Except the range of cars you can hire is slim and expensive. Our advantages to this organization are their is a wide range of supercars at a good reasonable price.

Competitive analysis

SSL Super Hire will advertise on the television from 7:00 to 10:00 as this is most likely the time the targeted demographic would be watching television. We will also advertise on the internet on various websites ranging from Youtube to Steam. We will also advertise on billboards around sporting stadiums and parking garages.

Promotional Strategy

An upfront fee will have to be paid at the beginning of the transaction. This is going to be the bulk of the total price to avoid people not returning the car. Another fee is to be paid at the end of the transaction, this changes by the amount of time the car was hired for. The upfront fee will depend on the car. The average upfront fee is $150. It costs from $50 and $70 dollars per hour to hire out the car, depending on the model. Any damage done to the car has to be paid plus interest by the customer.
Pricing Policy

We need a loan from the bank of $7.7 million to buy 4 supercars. This loan will be paid back within the first 3 years of the company’s opening. The business itself will not be costly once it has started. There will be a high initial cost due to buying solar panels, getting staff and taking out a large loan. Staff will not need to be paid much above minimum wage to begin because they have “joined the most revolutionary business of it’s kind”. The staff have been given job security and will believe the company has a big future. Once the loan has been payed off the company will be completely self sufficient due to it’s green energy plan and the profit being used to purchase more cars.

Financial Plan

Here at SSL we are proud to say we do not create any pollution. We are totally self sufficient, we have solar panels and windmills that power the entire facility and water tank to use for washing/ cleaning. Yes our product are cars and do create some emissions, however this is not the company it's the product that makes the pollution and in response we have trees planted all around the area to combat this issue.

Environmental impact strategies

To raise community awareness about SSL Super Hire we will hold Charity Fundraisers, this will improve the community’s view of the company. We will donate to the “Make-A-Wish” Foundation, this will also improve the community’s view of the company because children with illnesses will be seen going high speeds in an SSL supercar. Promotion Fundraiser will be held on location at the SSL airfield. These Promotions will include the general public being able to drive the cars or simply feel what it is like to sit in their favourite supercar.

Community Awareness Statement
that's all folks
This was presented by Nick Spritzer, Charlie Styles and Thomas Lapa
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