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Miley Cyrus

No description

Glenne Evans

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus:
Born November 23, 1992
Franklin, Tennessee
Original Name of Birth was Destiney
Family members included the famous
Billy Rae Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, 2 siblings, and 3- 1/2 siblings
Younger Years
She began acting at age 4, singing at age 2.

Her first TV Show with her 2004, Big Fish
At age 11, beat out 1,000 other auditions for the role of Miley Stewart on Disney's Hannah Montana
Making over 50million a year for the first season, & season one soundtrack
Hannah Montana
Miley was the fastest rising Disney star in history. Everyone wanted something from Miley, or to know this girl also called Hannah. Cyrus became an inspiration and role model for millions of young girls.
In the mist of her rising fame, cyrus would was rocked in 2006, when her grandpa whom she was very close with passed away, inspiring the song " I Miss You"
Selling out stadiums, and every tour stop Miley added 14 new dates to make disappointed fans happy.
In the middle of her tour, Cyrus got even more recognition when she started dating Nick Jonas.
Personal Life
Tensions flared, and fans turned against nick, when they broke up, 2008. Shortly after the song " 10 Things" is released.
2009 Hannah Montana the movie, hit theaters earning 79 million dollars opening weekend.
The Last Song
2009, Miley also landed the role as the lead in The Last Song.
Miley released her 3rd non- Hannah Montana album, and begins building her new image.
May 31st, 2012 officially engaged to Liam. 3.5 carat diamond ring.
2012 Changes
Miley's once long brown hair, she chops off to a pixie cut.
Many new tattoos and piercings
"Ive never felt more me, in my entire life."
Miley's music and videos take more drastic turn for more sexual and partying style.
sings with artists like Wiz Kahlifa and Juicy J.
Her new signature tongue on teeth, grills, and "twerking" emerged.
heads turned at Cyrus yet again at the MTV Music Video Awards. Her outfit, and the appropriateness of her dancing at it was questioned nationally.
"Wrecking Ball" just released in August, and video in September. Song topped charts in the hot 100, in hours.
This sparked a new discussion in her latest move. Leaving many questions about what she is trying to do, or get across. The emotion in this song gave some a more vulnerable look at her.
The completion of Hannah Montana Forever, the fourth and final season concluded in January 2011
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