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What are organisms made of?

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maycee wieczorek

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of What are organisms made of?

Thus, we know that the cells make tissues, which make organs, which make organisms. They are a connected without one none of the others would exist
Cells, Tissues, Organs, And Organisms
Cells are the microscopic building blocks of all living things, they contain different parts, including a nucleus which controls all cell activities, A cell membrane which regulates whats going on inside and outside of the cell, and many other organelles all with specific jobs.
Tissues are a big group of cells with the same job. Hair cells can only make up hair tissues, nail cells can only make up nail tissues and so on and so forth.There are four general types of tissues, Epithelial ,connective,nerve, and muscle. There are three types of muscle; smooth, cardiac,and voluntary muscle.
Many tissues weaved together create an organ. Things like your lungs skin,and heart are all organs. An organ is part of the body the perform a certain function or, the scientific phrase; physiologic function.
Organ Systems
The organs all connect in some way different sets of organs create they're own organ systems. There are several in each organism but they all work together as one unit. A well known organ system is the digestive system made of the long intestine, small intestine, etc.
How are cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems related
There are three major are building blocks to all organisms, cells, tissues and organ all make up the organism, but what are they, and how are they related? Those are some of the questions we will explore in this presentation.
Did you know
The nucleus in a cell decide what tissue it's going to be, it tell the cell it will be part of skin tissue and it is, without the nucleus there would be no cells, which would also mean no tissues
They're all connected
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