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technology of the future


Eloise Stratford

on 3 November 2009

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Transcript of technology of the future

Technology of the Future This phone is especially
designed for blind people
by Toshiba. Media & Audio This is a really cool phone
because its shaped like the
Eiffel Tower with the bright
lights on the side. It has a 7.2
mega pixel camera and a touch screen. This is my favourite of the phones
because its realy small & thin also it has
2 screens 1 touch and the other OLED. This laptop can roll up into a tube
so its very portable. This laptop can fold into a purse
or wallet so it can go into your back
pocket so it goes from this [ top
picture] to this [bottom picture] This laptop can be ajusted to the drivers
steering wheel so this an ideal laptop for
anyone whos in the car a lot or who is
very mobile. This is going to be next xbox console.
xbox 720 is the new form of the xbox 360
and will be extreamly popular
This is another gaming device
called the PS4 this new design
has a touch screen panel and will
be very exciting when it comes out. I have chosen Media and audio
so like phones, laptops and game
consoles I have also given the key info on the product.
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