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Chapter 6 - Audio Basics

No description

Willie Viruet

on 5 June 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 6 - Audio Basics

Background sound is environmental sound that is not the most important sound
Audio Basics
Chapter 6

The Functions of Sound for TV
Voice Track
Music and sound effects
Narration takes two forms
The Functions of Sound for TV
Microphones may be classified by the type of generating element
A microphone is a piece of equipment that picks up sounds in the air and sends them to the mixer or recorder
Types of Microphones
All microphones work the same way. Sound waves in the air hit a thin surface in side the mic, diaphragm or generating element
The voice track is the sound created through dialogue or narration
photo (cc) by jfh686 @flickr
A. The Functions of Sound for Television
B. Types of Microphones
C. Pick-up Pattern
D. Mics on the Set
E. Mics on Talent
F. Handling and Care of Mics
G. Impedance
H. Levels
I. Mixers
J. Automatic Gain Control we zoom in prezi.
All sounds on TV serve one or more of the following functions
Room tone is the sound present before human occupation
Natural sound is environmental sound that is important to the topic
Environmental sound
Room Tone
A. On-Camera Narration
B. Off-camera Narration
Types of Microphones
A. Diaphragm that vibrates a coil
B. Thin piece of coated film that vibrates a coil
C. Thin piece of metal foil
Types of Microphones
A. Wireless Mic - A mic that uses a short cable to connect the mic to a radio transmitter with an antenna

B. Wired Mic - A wired mic that is attached to the recorder by a cable
Types of Microphones
A. Dynamic Microphone - A very rugged type of mic that has good sound. The generating element is a diaphragm that vibrates a small coil
B. Condenser Microphone - A type of mic that requires an external power supply to operate. Generating element is a thin piece of metal foil
C. Ribbon Microphone - The most sensitive type of mic used in TV
D. Non-Professional Microphones - Mics built into low-end camcorders
E. Specialized Mics
A. Boundary Mics - A mic used to pick up a sound on a stage or large room
B. Parabolic Reflector
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