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Charity Event

No description

Rhiannon Hince x

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Charity Event

Charity Event
Bands and
Singers Lady GaGa Beyoncé JLS Justin Bieber Tickets Cost of ink Design Application --> the
program used to
create the ticket
PUBLISHER How many to print Choice of Charity NSPCC Banardos RSPCA Alzheimers Fee £20 entrance fee £7 all you can eat buffet Reserved seats
for the front- £65 Finance Cost of band for hire Ink, Paper for tickets Refreshments Stage hire £100 approx Refreshments Cost Food Drink Chicken drumstick Cake Crisps Cookie Sausage roll Cocktail sausage Salad Fruit salad Sandwiches Pizza Tea Coffee Orange juice Apple juice Blackcurrant juice Lemonade Wine red white rosé non- alchoholic Water Order of performances JLS --> Everybody in love
Florence and the Machine & Dizzie Rascal --> You go the dirty love
Chipmunk ft Talay Riley--> Look for me
Lady GaGa & Beyoncé --> Telephone
Justin Bieber --> Baby
Lady GaGa --> Paparazzi
Dizzie Rascal -->Bonkers
Beyoncé --> Crazy in Love
Justin Bieber --> One Time
JLS --> One Shot

Date to be set Dizzee Rascal Florence and the Machine Chipmunk
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