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No description

Henry Dowling

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Swatch

Specialist in tiny watch parts
Silicon is imported from overseas
Based in Switzerland
Ships parts to NOVI SA when finished
Swatch Watch

Swatch Production
In order to go from raw materials in overseas mines to a swatch, many things have to happen. No Swiss watch-making company is completely vertically integrated, so the materials that comprise of a swatch pass through the hands of multiple companies.
The Product

Tiny watch gears and mechanical parts
The Resources
Nivarox gets metal like iron for the mechanical watch parts from overseas
Main sub-company of the swatch team
Gets watch parts from other companies and puts watch together.
The Product
Watch straps for the watches
Makes watch cases out of raw materials
Based in Switzerland
Gets its materials from overseas
The Resources
Swatch gets its leather from Mississippiensis alligator skin found in southern America.
The company that provides the skins is Panam Leathers.
Their alligators are always bred in the wild.
Geneva, Switzerland
Incorporated in 1987
Joined Swatch Group, 2011.
150+ workers
20 specialized watchmakers
Produces special parts of the watch
Makes cases, bracelets and steel, aluminum and precious metal composites
Creates crowns and pushers that adorn the watch
This company makes watch cases made out of metal or plastic
The Consumer
The Product

The Resources
Crowns and pushers to adorn watch
Made of a variety of metals
Finished with gold or silver
materials shipped from overseas
The Resources
Plastic and metal
Takes all of the parts from separate companies and makes them into a swatch
General Information
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