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Journalism in the Age of Digital Technology

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Heather Glass

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Journalism in the Age of Digital Technology

"Journalism in the Age of Digital Technology"
By: Heather Glass, Ker'Shyra Myrick,
Maura O'Brien, Abigail Perry

Internet can be accessed anywhere

Stories can be accessed and modified at anytime

Social Media and new technology allows us to always be in a state of connection
Communication Tools
Reporters must use a variety of in-depth communication tools

Photographs, videos, sound bytes and more enhance the story

Attention, understanding, and retention of information increase with more tools
Reporters must use the Internet to their advantage by making connections.

Example: The Boston Marathon Bombings

Reporters should engage in a dialogue by using interactive new media.
"Journalism can rise again. Its power will be less about the production of specific information; rather it will filter the tsunami of the world’s information.”

Journalism will be more about filtering the information received

New tools will need to be acquired and used appropriately

Author states that journalists need to do five things differently

Customizing Journalism by localizing a story to a single person, and making it relevant.

Example: most recently a Lynn University student heard a loud noise in the Assaf courtyard, which sounded like a gun shot.

We are on such high alert due to all the school shootings in this world.
In Conclusion
New technology brings benefits to journalists as well as future journalists

Digital media brings unlimited information

“As Edward R. Murrow warned many years ago, technology without thoughtful human involvement is merely ‘lights and wires in a box’”
(Kaul, p. 141, 2013).
Technology is becoming the primary way of receiving information

Benefits may include: instant alerts of breaking news

Cons: journalism may be in trouble

Colleges and universities needs to change their curriculum

Journalists must try to adapt to this new level of digitization

Change is inevitable at this point in time
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