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Lakota Indians

World History Honors Prezi about the Lakota Indian Tribe

Ted Seamans

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Lakota Indians

Lakota Indians One of a few tribes who are together called the Sioux
Lakota were big buffalo hunters, and embraced the use of horses and guns to hunt
The Lewis and Clark Expedition made contact with the Lakota Indians, and trouble almost ensued The Lakota indians generally live in the regions of North and South Dakota
Lived in tipis made of buffalo hide
These tipis were designed to be set up and taken down quickly Lakota Indians Lakota Indian Tipi Drawing of Lewis and Clark Talking to a Group of Indians Location of the Lakota Indians Lakota Indians The Lakota Indians believed that life was a set of recurrent travels, and that each person has a purpose that can benefit the community
They also believe that when they die, their souls are examined by an old woman, who can either send them to the spirit world with an endless supply of buffalo, or back to earth to be reborn
They believe that the domain of the wicasa wakan (holy men) is sacred, because these are the men who perform all spiritual ceremonies

Photo of a Wicasa Wakan Lakota Indians The Lakota Indians have had a fairly great influence on art, with many art styles being used by the tribe
The women were mostly known for their quilt and beadwork
Men were best known for their beautiful artwork on buffalo hide 1890 Ghost Dance Dress Worn By A Lakota Sioux Woman Lakota Indians The Lakota people are still together to this day
They continue to thrive mainly in the Dakotas, and do not show signs of stopping
They are represented by officials, because they are considered to be a semi-autonomous "nation" within the United States Sources http://nativeamerican-art.com/lakota-art.html
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