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The Commissioning Process

No description

Eric Hauser

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Commissioning Process

Review OPR & BoD
Design Phase Cx Plan
Perform Design Review

Prepare Specs
Construction Phase Cx Plan
Review Submittals
Perform Field Verification
Verify Training
Develop Systems Manual
Write Cx Report
10 month Post Occupancy Review
Matt Napolitan, P.E., CPMP, LEED AP
Cx Associates, LLC

The Commissioning Process
Why utilize a Cx Authority?
Who Should Hire the CxA?
Commissioning Guidelines
Fundamental Commissioning Metrics
Design Review
Field Verification
Post-Occupancy Partnership
Why a CxA?
The Commissioning Authority
Provides independent, third-party quality assurance
Identifies potential improvements
Ensures project goals are defined and met

The earlier, the better.
Ison’s Rule of 10.
Who Should Hire the CxA?
Ideally the Owner
Hiring a Cx provider directly ensures no conflicts of interest
LEED Requirements
Must report findings directly to Owner
Fundamental Cx – May be hired by anyone
Enhanced Cx
Cannot be hired by any member of the construction team
Cannot be directly employed by the design team (subcontract is OK)
Cx Guidelines
ASHRAE Standard 202 (Recently Released)
ASHRAE Guideline 0 “The Commissioning Process”
Purpose “… to describe the commissioning process capable of verifying that a facility and its systems meet the Owner’s Project Requirements.”
Guideline “0” serves as basis for sub-system commissioning guidelines.
BCA - Building Commissioning Association
Best Practices
Fundamental Cx Metrics
Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)
Defines project objectives and sets expectations

Basis of Design (BoD)
Aligns design with Owner’s Project Requirements
Outlines how the objectives and expectations will be achieved.

Not limited to MEP!
Cx Process Overview
Ison's Rule of 10
The earlier problems are uncovered, the cheaper they are to fix.
Problem Uncovered
During preliminary design $50
Relative Cost
During Final Design $500
During Construction $5,000
Post-Occupancy $50,000
Inadequate pull space -Discovered after unit was installed.
Not the $50 Fix!
Plenty of pull space now!
Commissioning Design Review
Focus on ensuring design concepts meet OPR & BoD

Identifies Opportunities for:
energy efficiency
simplified operation
better maintenance access
Design Review Matrix
Field Verification
Rigor via checksheets – developed from OPR, BoD, design drawings and submittal information.

Two-step process
Initially carried out by responsible contractors:
1. Construction verification
2. Functional testing
Sample Checksheet
Post-Occupancy Partnership
Training Scope Review & Verification
Ensure training will meet the needs of building operators before training occurs
Verify training was completed satisfactorily.
Remote DDC monitoring
Post-Occupancy site visit
Before contractor warranty period expires

U of W, Madison - 5 different certs
Various others
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